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2840 Maji, R., Sudicky, E.A., Panday, S., Teutsch, G. (2006):
Transition probability/Markov chain analyses of DNAPL source zones and plumes
Ground Water 44 (6), 853 - 863
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1228 Miles, B., Maji, R., Sudicky, E.A., Teutsch, G., Peter, A. (2008):
A pragmatic approach for estimation of source-zone emissions at LNAPL contaminated sites
J. Contam. Hydrol. 96 (1-4), 83 - 96
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16849 Thakur, M.P., Milcu, A., Manning, P., Niklaus, P.A., Roscher, C., Power, S., Reich, P.B., Scheu, S., Tilman, D., Ai, F., Guo, H., Ji, R., Pierce, S., Guerrero Ramirez, N., Richter, A.N., Steinauer, K., Strecker, T., Vogel, A., Eisenhauer, N. (2015):
Plant diversity drives soil microbial biomass carbon in grasslands irrespective of global environmental change factors
Glob. Change Biol. 21 (11), 4076 - 4085
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