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16510 Mages, M., von Tuempling, W. (2015):
Element enrichment in aquatic biofilms: sorption effects of certain elements in seasonal biofilms of a drainage tunnel
Separation - Science & Applications 35 (1), 14 - 16
15128 Nimptsch, J., Woelfl, S., Kronvang, B., Gieseck, R., González, H.E., Caputo, L., Gelbrecht, J., von Tuempling, W., Graeber, D. (2014):
Does filter type and pore size influence spectroscopic analysis of freshwater chromophoric DOM composition?
Limnologica 48 , 57 - 64
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16429 Nimptsch, J., Woelfl, S., Osorio, S., Valenzuela, J., Ebersbach, P., von Tuempling, W., Palma, R., Encina, F., Figueroa, D., Kamjunke, N., Graeber, D. (2015):
Tracing dissolved organic matter (DOM) from land-based aquaculture systems in North Patagonian streams
Sci. Total Environ. 537 , 129 - 138
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4412 Óvári, M., Mages, M., Woelfl, S., von Tuempling, W., Kröpfl, K., Záray, G. (2004):
Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometric determination of element inlets from mining activities at the upper Tisza catchment area, Hungary
Spectroc. Acta Pt. B-Atom. Spectr. 59 (8), 1173 - 1181
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