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23256 Ochoa‐Hueso, R., Borer, E.T., Seabloom, E.W., Hobbie, S.E., Risch, A.C., Collins, S.L., Alberti, J., Bahamonde, H.A., Brown, C.S., Caldeira, M.C., Daleo, P., Dickman, C.R., Ebeling, A., Eisenhauer, N., Esch, E.H., Eskelinen, A., Fernández, V., Güsewell, S., Gutierrez‐Larruga, B., Hofmockel, K., Laungani, R., Lind, E., López, A., McCulley, R.L., Moore, J.L., Peri, P.L., Power, S.A., Price, J.N., Prober, S.M., Roscher, C., Sarneel, J.M., Schütz, M., Siebert, J., Standish, R.J., Ayuso, S.V., Virtanen, R., Wardle, G.M., Wiehl, G., Yahdjian, L., Zamin, T. (2020):
Microbial processing of plant remains is co‐limited by multiple nutrients in global grasslands
Glob. Change Biol. 26 (8), 4572 - 4582
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23517 Risch, A.C., Zimmermann, S., Moser, B., Schütz, M., Hagedorn, F., Firn, J., Fay, P.A., Adler, P.B., Biederman, L.A., Blair, J.M., Borer, E.T., Broadbent, A.A.D., Brown, C.S., Cadotte, M.W., Caldeira, M.C., Davies, K.F., di Virgilio, A., Eisenhauer, N., Eskelinen, A., Knops, J.M.H., MacDougall, A.S., McCulley, R.L., Melbourne, B.A., Moore, J.L., Power, S.A., Prober, S.M., Seabloom, E.W., Siebert, J., Silveira, M.L., Speziale, K.L., Stevens, C.J., Tognetti, P.M., Virtanen, R., Yahdjian, L., Ochoa‐Hueso, R. (2020):
Global impacts of fertilization and herbivore removal on soil net nitrogen mineralization are modulated by local climate and soil properties
Glob. Change Biol. 26 (12), 7173 - 7185
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