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4174 Henle, K., Lindenmayer, D.B., Margules, C.R., Saunders, D.A., Wissel, C. (eds., 2004):
Species survival in fragmented landscapes: where are we now?
Biodivers. Conserv. 13 (1), 290
4173 Henle, K., Lindenmayer, D.B., Margules, C., Saunders, D.A., Wissel, C. (2004):
Species survival in fragmented landscapes: where are we now?
Biodivers. Conserv. 13 (1), 1 - 8
full text (doi)
13472 McCarthy, M.A., Lindenmayer, D.B., Drechsler, M. (1997):
Extinction debts and risks faced by abundant species
Conserv. Biol. 11 (1), 221 - 226
full text (doi)
4345 Melbourne, B.A., Davies, K.F., Margules, C., Lindenmayer, D.B., Saunders, D.A., Wissel, C., Henle, K. (2004):
Species survival in fragmented landscapes: where to from here?
Biodivers. Conserv. 13 (1), 275 - 284
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19963 Mirtl, M., Borer, E.T., Djukic, I., Forsius, M., Haubold, H., Hugo, W., Jourdan, J., Lindenmayer, D., McDowell, W.H., Muraoka, H., Orenstein, D.E., Pauw, J.C., Peterseil, J., Shibata, H., Wohner, C., Yu, X., Haase, P. (2018):
Genesis, goals and achievements of Long-Term Ecological Research at the global scale: A critical review of ILTER and future directions
Sci. Total Environ. 626 , 1439 - 1462
full text (doi)
13719 Nicholson, E., Lindenmayer, D.B., Frank, K., Possingham, H. (2013):
Testing the focal species approach to making conservation decisions for species persistence
Divers. Distrib. 19 (5-6), 530 - 540
full text (doi)
2892 Nicholson, E., Westphal, M.I., Frank, K., Rochester, W.A., Pressey, R.L., Lindenmayer, D.B., Possingham, H.P. (2006):
A new method for conservation planning for the persistence of multiple species
Ecol. Lett. 9 (9), 1049 - 1060
full text (doi)
12646 Tscharntke, T., Tylianakis, J.M., Rand, T.A., Didham, R.K., Fahrig, L., Batáry, P., Bengtsson, J., Clough, Y., Crist, T.O., Dormann, C.F., Ewers, R.M., Fründ, J., Holt, R.D., Holzschuh, A., Klein, A.M., Kleijn, D., Kremen, C., Landis, D.A., Laurance, W., Lindenmayer, D., Scherber, C., Sodhi, N., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Thies, C., van der Putten, W.H., Westphal, C. (2012):
Landscape moderation of biodiversity patterns and processes - eight hypotheses
Biol. Rev. 87 (3), 661 - 685
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