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22736 Allen, S.T., Aubrey, D.P., Bader, M.Y., Coenders-Gerrits, M., Friesen, J., Gutmann, E.D., Guillemette, F., Jiménez-Rodríguez, C., Keim, R.F., Klamerus-Iwan, A., Mendieta-Leiva, G., Porada, P., Qualls, R.G., Schilperoort, B., Stubbins, A., Van Stan II, J.T. (2020):
Key questions on the evaporation and transport of intercepted precipitation
In: Van Stan II, J.T., Gutmann, E., Friesen, J. (eds.)
Precipitation partitioning by vegetation - A global synthesis
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 269 - 279
full text (doi)
14717 Hoffmann, A., Penner, J., Vohland, K., Cramer, W., Doubleday, R., Henle, K., Kõljalg, U., Kühn, I., Kunin, W., Negro, J.J., Penev, L., Rodríguez, C., Saarenmaa, H., Schmeller, D.S., Stoev, P., Sutherland, W., Sutherland, W.J., Tuama, É.Ó., Wetzel, F., Häuser, C.L. (2014):
Improved access to integrated biodiversity data for science, practice, and policy - the European Biodiversity Observation Network (EU BON) [The need for an integrated biodiversity policy support process – building the European contribution to a global Biodiversity Observation Network (EU BON)]
Nat. Conserv.-Bulgaria (6), 49 - 65
full text (doi)
1363 Rodríguez, C., Johst, K., Bustamante, J. (2008):
Parental versus offspring control on food division within the brood: the role of hatching asynchrony
Oikos 177 (5), 719 - 728
full text (doi)
2953 Rodríguez, C., Johst, K., Bustamante, J. (2006):
How do crop types influence breeding success in lesser kestrels through prey quality and availability? A modelling approach
J. Appl. Ecol. 43 (3), 587 - 597
full text (doi)
10823 Rodríguez, C., Johst, K., Bustamante, J. (2011):
Feeding strategies in the Lesser Kestrel: our modelling experience
In: Walsch, M.B. (ed.)
Food supplies and food safety: production, conservation and population impact
Food and Beverage Consumption and Health
Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, p. 231 - 233
10440 Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C.E., Marco-Urrea, E., Caminal, G. (2010):
Degradation of naproxen and carbamazepine in spiked sludge by slurry and solid-phase Trametes versicolor systems
Bioresour. Technol. 101 (7), 2259 - 2266
full text (doi)
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