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3252 Chang, Y.J., Long, P.E., Geyer, R., Peacock, A.D., Resch, C.T., Sublette, K., Pfiffner, S., Smithgall, A., Anderson, R.T., Vrionis, H.A., Stephen, J.R., Dayvault, R., Ortiz-Bernad, I., Lovley, D.R., White, D.C. (2005):
Microbial incorporation of 13C-labeled acetate at the field scale: detection of microbes responsible for reduction of U(VI)
Environ. Sci. Technol. 39 (23), 9039 - 9048
full text (doi)
3347 Geyer, R., Peacock, A.D., Miltner, A., Richnow, H.H., White, D.C., Sublette, K.L., Kästner, M. (2005):
In situ assessment of biodegradation potential using biotraps amended with 13C-labeled benzene or toluene
Environ. Sci. Technol. 39 (13), 4983 - 4989
full text (doi)
4100 Geyer, R., Peacock, A.D., White, D.C., Lytle, C., van Berkel, G.J. (2004):
Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization and atmospheric pressure photoionization for simultaneous mass spectrometric analysis of microbial respiratory ubiquinones and menaquinones
J. Mass Spectrom. 39 (8), 922 - 929
full text (doi)
5521 Gouffon, J.S., Geyer, R., Peacock, A.D., Gan, Y.D., Chang, Y.J., Salome, K., Lytle, C., Sublette, K.L., White, D.C. (2002):
Rapid quantitative detection of pathogens & contamination by analysis of biofilms generated on coupons in water resource management
In: Schmitz, G.H. (ed.)
Water resources and environment research : ICWRER 2002. Proceedings of Third International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research, Dresden, Germany, 22nd - 25th of July 2002 at Dresden University of Technology. Vol. 2. Matter and particle transport in surface and subsurface flow; Ecosystem research
Beiträge zu Abfallwirtschaft, Altlasten 28
Forum für Abfallwirtschaft und Altlasten e.V., Pirna, p. 305 - 310
2009 Li, Y.L., Peacock, A.D., White, D.C., Geyer, R., Zhang, C.L. (2007):
Spatial patterns of bacterial signature biomarkers in marine sediments of the Gulf of Mexico
Chem. Geol. 238 (3-4), 168 - 179
full text (doi)
4424 Peacock, A.D., Chang, Y.J., Istok, J.D., Krumholz, L., Geyer, R., Kinsall, B., Watson, D., Sublette, K.L., White, D.C. (2004):
Utilization of microbial biofilms as monitors of bioremediation
Microb. Ecol. 47 (3), 284 - 292
full text (doi)
3896 White, D.C., Geyer, R., Cantu, J., Jo, S.-C., Peacock, A.D., Saxton, A.M., Mani, S., Jett, M., Moss, O.R. (2005):
Feasibility of assessment of regulatory lipids in breath condensate as potential presymptomatic harbingers of pulmonary pathobiology
J. Microbiol. Methods 62 (3), 293 - 302
full text (doi)
3897 White, D.C., Geyer, R., Peacock, A.D., Hedrick, D.B., Koenigsberg, S.S., Sung, Y., He, J., Löffler, F.E. (2005):
Phospholipid furan fatty acids and ubiquinone-8: lipid biomarkers that may protect Dehalococcoides strains from free radicals
Appl. Environ. Microb. 71 (12), 8426 - 8433
full text (doi)
5293 White, D.C., Gouffon, J.S., Peacock, A.D., Geyer, R., Biernacki, A., Davis, G.A., Pryor, M., Tabacco, M.B., Sublette, K.L. (2003):
Forensic analysis by comprehensive rapid detection of pathogens and contamination concentrated in biofilms in drinking water systems for water resource protection and management
Environ. Forensics 4 (1), 63 - 74
full text (doi)
5294 White, D.C., Peacock, A.D., Geyer, R., Chang, Y.J., Gan, Y.D., Lytle, C. (2003):
Rapid detection/identification of microbes, bacterial spores, microbial communities, and metabolic activities in environmental matrices
In: Šašek, V., Glaser, J.A., Baveye, P. (eds.)
The utilization of bioremediation to reduce soil contamination: problems and solutions. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop held in Prague, Czech Republic, 14-19 June 2000
NATO Science Series IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences 19
Springer, Dordrecht, p. 3 - 19
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