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14620 Becher, M.A., Grimm, V., Thorbek, P., Horn, J., Kennedy, P.J., Osborne, J.L. (2014):
BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics and foraging to explore multifactorial causes of colony failure
J. Appl. Ecol. 51 (2), 470 - 482
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13797 Becher, M., Osborne, J.L., Thorbek, P., Kennedy, P.J., Grimm, V. (2013):
Towards a systems approach for understanding honeybee decline: a stocktaking and synthesis of existing models
J. Appl. Ecol. 50 (4), 868 - 880
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18024 Henry, M., Becher, M.A., Osborne, J.L., Kennedy, P.J., Aupinel, P., Bretagnolle, V., Brun, F., Grimm, V., Horn, J., Requier, F. (2017):
Predictive systems models can help elucidate bee declines driven by multiple combined stressors
Apidologie 48 (3), 328 - 339
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23522 Horn, J., Becher, M.A., Johst, K., Kennedy, P.J., Osborne, J.L., Radchuk, V., Grimm, V. (2021):
Honey bee colony performance affected by crop diversity and farmland structure: a modeling framework
Ecol. Appl. 31 (1), e02216
full text (doi)
16774 Horn, J., Becher, M.A., Kennedy, P.J., Osborne, J.L., Grimm, V. (2016):
Multiple stressors: using the honeybee model BEEHAVE to explore how spatial and temporal forage stress affects colony resilience
Oikos 125 (7), 1001 - 1016
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