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21590 Bugmann, H., Seidl, R., Hartig, F., Bohn, F., Brůna, J., Cailleret, M., François, L., Heinke, J., Henrot, A.-J., Hickler, T., Hülsmann, L., Huth, A., Jacquemin, I., Kollas, C., Lasch‐Born, P., Lexer, M.J., Merganič, J., Merganičová, K., Mette, T., Miranda, B.R., Nadal‐Sala, D., Rammer, W., Rammig, A., Reineking, B., Roedig, E., Sabaté, S., Steinkamp, J., Suckow, F., Vacchiano, G., Wild, J., Xu, C., Reyer, C.P.O. (2019):
Tree mortality submodels drive simulated long‐term forest dynamics: assessing 15 models from the stand to global scale
Ecosphere 10 (2), e02616
full text (doi)
16085 Hülsmann, L., Geyer, T., Karthe, D., Priess, J., Schweitzer, C. (2012):
Process-based hydrological modeling using SWAT: The effect of permafrost on water resources in the large-scale river catchment Kharaa / Mongolia
EGU General Assembly 2012, Vienna, Austria, 22–27 April 2012
Geophysical Research Abstracts 14
European Geosciences Union (EGU), p. EGU2012-11694
14968 Hülsmann, L., Geyer, T., Schweitzer, C., Priess, J., Karthe, D. (2015):
The effect of subarctic conditions on water resources: initial results and limitations of the SWAT model applied to the Kharaa River Basin in Northern Mongolia
Environ. Earth Sci. 73 (2), 581 - 592
full text (doi)
14616 Karthe, D., Malsy, M., Kopp, B., Minderlein, S., Hülsmann, L. (2013):
Assessing water availability and its drivers in the context of an integrated water resources management (IWRM): a case study from the Kharaa River Basin, Mongolia
Geo-öko 34 (1-2), 5 - 26
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