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24677 Angulo, E., Diagne, C., Ballesteros-Mejia, L., Adamjy, T., Ahmed, D.A., Akulov, E., Banerjee, A.K., Capinha, C., Dia, C.A.K.M., Dobigny, G., Duboscq-Carra, V.G., Golivets, M., Haubrock, P.J., Heringer, G., Kirichenko, N., Kourantidou, M., Liu, C., Nuñez, M.A., Renault, D., Roiz, D., Taheri, A., Verbrugge, L.N.H., Watari, Y., Xiong, W., Courchamp, F. (2021):
Non-English languages enrich scientific knowledge: The example of economic costs of biological invasions
Sci. Total Environ. 775 , art. 144441
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21806 Essl, F., Lenzner, B., Courchamp, F., Dullinger, S., Jeschke, J.M., Kühn, I., Leung, B., Moser, D., Roura‐Pascual, N., Seebens, H. (2019):
Introducing AlienScenarios: a project to develop scenarios and models of biological invasions for the 21st century
Neobiota 45 , 1 - 17
full text (doi)
25034 Haubrock, P.J., Cuthbert, R.N., Sundermann, A., Diagne, C., Golivets, M., Courchamp, F. (2021):
Economic costs of invasive species in Germany
Neobiota 67 , 225 - 246
full text (doi)
25035 Haubrock, P.J., Turbelin, A.J., Cuthbert, R.N., Novoa, A., Taylor, N.G., Angulo, E., Ballesteros-Mejia, L., Bodey, T.W., Capinha, C., Diagne, C., Essl, F., Golivets, M., Kirichenko, N., Kourantidou, M., Leroy, B., Renault, D., Verbrugge, L., Courchamp, F. (2021):
Economic costs of invasive alien species across Europe
Neobiota 67 , 153 - 190
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23611 Lenzner, B., Latombe, G., Capinha, C., Bellard, C., Courchamp, F., Diagne, C., Dullinger, S., Golivets, M., Irl, S.D.H., Kühn, I., Leung, B., Liu, C., Moser, D., Roura‐Pascual, N., Seebens, H., Turbelin, A., Weigelt, P., Essl, F. (2020):
What will the future bring for biological invasions on islands? An expert-based assessment
Front. Ecol. Evol. 8 , art. 280
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