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765 Barth, D., Tischer, K., Berger, H., Schlegel, M., Berendonk, T.U. (2008):
High mitochondrial haplotype diversity of Coleps sp. (Ciliophora: Prostomatida)
Environ. Microbiol. 10 (3), 626 - 634
full text (doi)
22662 Engelmann, R.A., Haack, N., Henle, K., Kasperidus, H.D., Nissen, S., Schlegel, M., Scholz, M., Seele-Dilbat, C., Wirth, C. (2019):
Reiner Prozessschutz gefährdet Artenvielfalt im Leipziger Auwald
UFZ discussion papers 8/2019
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 14 S.
24081 Haack, N., Grimm-Seyfarth, A., Schlegel, M., Wirth, C., Bernhard, D., Brunk, I., Henle, K. (2021):
Patterns of richness across forest beetle communities—A methodological comparison of observed and estimated species numbers
Ecol. Evol. 11 (1), 626 - 635
full text (doi)
17844 Henle, K., Andres, C., Bernhard, D., Grimm, A., Stoev, P., Tzankov, N., Schlegel, M. (2017):
Are species genetically more sensitive to habitat fragmentation on the periphery of their range compared to the core? A case study on the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis)
Landsc. Ecol. 32 (1), 131 - 145
full text (doi)
24732 Jauss, R.-T., Solf, N., Kolora, S.R.R., Schaffer, S., Wolf, R., Henle, K., Fritz, U., Schlegel, M. (2021):
Mitogenome evolution in the Lacerta viridis complex (Lacertidae, Squamata) reveals phylogeny of diverging clades
Syst. Biodivers.
full text (doi)
16938 Kolora, S.R.R., Faria, R., Weigert, A., Schaffer, S., Grimm, A., Henle, K., Sahyoun, A.H., Stadler, P.F., Nowick, K., Bleidorn, C., Schlegel, M. (2017):
The complete mitochondrial genome of Lacerta bilineata and comparison with its closely related congener L. viridis
Mitochondrial DNA 28 (1), 116 - 118
full text (doi)
21629 Kolora, S.R.R., Weigert, A., Saffari, A., Kehr, S., Costa, M.B.W., Spröer, C., Indrischek, H., Chintalapati, M., Lohse, K., Doose, G., Overmann, J., Bunk, B., Bleidorn, C., Grimm-Seyfarth, A., Henle, K., Nowick, K., Faria, R., Stadler, P.F., Schlegel, M. (2019):
Divergent evolution in the genomes of closely related lacertids, Lacerta viridis and L. bilineata, and implications for speciation
GigaScience 8 (2), giy160
full text (doi)
14894 Lentendu, G., Wubet, T., Chatzinotas, A., Wilhelm, C., Buscot, F., Schlegel, M. (2014):
Effects of long term differential fertilization on eukaryotic microbial communities in an arable soil: a multiple barcoding approach
Mol. Ecol. 23 (13), 3341 - 3355
full text (doi)
18994 Menger, J., Gerth, M., Unrein, J., Henle, K., Schlegel, M. (2017):
Isolation and characterization of pmlymorphic Microsatellite Loci from the Rufous-throated Antbird Gymnopithys rufigula (Aves: Thamnophilidae)
Wilson J. Ornithol. 129 (2), 407 - 411
full text (doi)
18638 Menger, J., Henle, K., Magnusson, W.E., Soro, A., Husemann, M., Schlegel, M. (2017):
Genetic diversity and spatial structure of the Rufous-throated Antbird (Gymnopithys rufigula), an Amazonian obligate army-ant follower
Ecol. Evol. 7 (8), 2671 - 2684
full text (doi)
18564 Menger, J., Magnusson, W.E., Anderson, M.J., Schlegel, M., Pe'er, G., Henle, K. (2017):
Environmental characteristics drive variation in Amazonian understorey bird assemblages
PLOS One 12 (2), e0171540
full text (doi)
20164 Menger, J., Unrein, J., Woitow, M., Schlegel, M., Henle, K., Magnusson, W.E. (2018):
Weak evidence for fine-scale genetic spatial structure in three sedentary Amazonian understorey birds. Schwache Hinweise auf eine räumlich-genetische Feinstruktur bei drei sesshaften Vögeln aus dem Unterholz des Amazonas Waldes
J. Ornithol. 159 (2), 355 - 366
full text (doi)
23153 Nemitz-Kliemchen, M., Andres, C., Hofmann, S., Prieto Ramírez, A.M., Stoev, P., Tzankov, N., Schaffer, S., Bernhard, D., Henle, K., Schlegel, M. (2020):
Spatial and genetic structure of a Lacerta viridis metapopulation in a fragmented landscape in Bulgaria
Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 23 , e01104
full text (doi)
18461 Unrein, J., Menger, J., Weigert, A., Henle, K., Schlegel, M. (2017):
Isolation and characterisation of novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Wedge-billed Woodcreeper Glyphorynchus spirurus
Avian Biol. Res. 10 (1), 24 - 26
full text (doi)
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