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24348 Care, O., Bernstein, M.J., Chapman, M., Diaz Reviriego, I., Dressler, G., Felipe-Lucia, M.R., Friis, C., Graham, S., Hänke, H., Haider, L.J., Hernández-Morcillo, M., Hoffmann, H., Kernecker, M., Nicol, P., Piñeiro, C., Pitt, H., Schill, C., Seufert, V., Shu, K., Valencia, V., Zaehringer, J.G. (2021):
Creating leadership collectives for sustainability transformations
Sustain. Sci. 16 (2), 703 - 708
full text (doi)
20629 Dressler, G., Groeneveld, J., Buchmann, C.M., Guo, C., Hase, N., Thober, J., Frank, K., Müller, B. (2019):
Implications of behavioral change for the resilience of pastoral systems—Lessons from an agent-based model
Ecol. Complex. 40, Part B , art. 100710
full text (doi)
20932 Dressler, G., Hoffmann, F., Breuer, I., Kreuer, D., Mahdi, M., Frank, K., Müller, B. (2019):
Polarization in (post)nomadic resource use in Eastern Morocco: insights using a multi-agent simulation model
Reg. Envir. Chang. 19 (2), 489 - 500
full text (doi)
18025 Dressler, G., Müller, B., Frank, K., Kuhlicke, C. (2016):
Towards thresholds of disaster management performance under demographic change: exploring functional relationships using agent-based modeling
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 16 (10), 2287 - 2301
full text (doi)
13829 Dressler, G., Müller, B., Frank, K. (2012):
Mobility – a panacea for pastoralism? An ecological-economic modelling approach
In: Seppelt, R., Voinov, A.A., Lange, S., Bankamp, D. (eds.)
Managing resources of a limited planet: pathways and visions under uncertainty. Proceedings of the sixth biannial meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, Leipzig, Germany, July 1-5, 2012
p. 2083 - 2090
full text (url)
18035 Groeneveld, J., Müller, B., Buchmann, C.M., Dressler, G., Guo, C., Hase, N., Hoffmann, F., John, F., Klassert, C., Lauf, T., Liebelt, V., Nolzen, H., Pannicke, N., Schulze, J., Weise, H., Schwarz, N. (2017):
Theoretical foundations of human decision-making in agent-based land use models – A review
Environ. Modell. Softw. 87 , 39 - 48
full text (doi)
15118 Mueller, T., Dressler, G., Tucker, C.J., Pinzon, J.E., Leimgruber, P., Dubayah, R.O., Hurtt, G.C., Böhning-Gaese, K., Fagan, W.F. (2014):
Human land-use practices lead to global long-term increases in photosynthetic capacity
Remote Sens. 6 (6), 5717 - 5731
full text (doi)
10933 Mueller, T., Olson, K.A., Dressler, G., Leimgruber, P., Fuller, T.K., Nicolson, C., Novaro, A.J., Bolgeri, M.J., Wattles, D., DeStefano, S., Calabrese, J.M., Fagan, W.F. (2011):
How landscape dynamics link individual- to population-level movement patterns: a multispecies comparison of ungulate relocation data
Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 20 (5), 683 - 694
full text (doi)
14625 Müller, B., Balbi, S., Buchmann, C.M., de Sousa, L., Dressler, G., Groeneveld, J., Klassert, C.J., Le, Q.B., Millington, J.D.A., Nolzen, H., Parker, D.C., Polhill, J.G., Schlüter, M., Schulze, J., Schwarz, N., Sun, Z., Taillandier, P., Weise, H. (2014):
Standardised and transparent model descriptions for agent-based models: current status and prospects
Environ. Modell. Softw. 55 , 156 - 163
full text (doi)
17919 Schlüter, M., Baeza, A., Dressler, G., Frank, K., Groeneveld, J., Jager, W., Janssen, M.A., McAllister, R.R.J., Müller, B., Orach, K., Schwarz, N., Wijermans, N. (2017):
A framework for mapping and comparing behavioural theories in models of social-ecological systems
Ecol. Econ. 131 , 21 - 35
full text (doi)
23985 Schwarz, N., Dressler, G., Frank, K., Jager, W., Janssen, M., Müller, B., Schlüter, M., Wijermans, N., Groeneveld, J. (2020):
Formalising theories of human decision-making for agent-based modelling of social-ecological systems: practical lessons learned and ways forward
Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling 2 , art. 16340
full text (doi)
24420 Will, M., Dressler, G., Kreuer, D., Thulke, H.-H., Grêt‐Regamey, A., Müller, B. (2021):
How to make socio‐environmental modelling more useful to support policy and management?
People Nat. 3 (3), 560 - 572
full text (doi)
24601 Williams, T.G., Dressler, G., Stratton, A.E., Müller, B. (2021):
Ecological and financial strategies provide complementary benefits for smallholder climate resilience: insights from a simulation model
Ecol. Soc. 26 (2), art. 14
full text (doi)
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