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16082 Remme, R.P., Edens, B., Schröter, M., Hein, L. (2015):
Monetary accounting of ecosystem services: A test case for Limburg province, the Netherlands
Ecol. Econ. 112 , 116 - 128
full text (doi)
17334 Remme, R.P., Schröter, M. (2016):
Effects of budget constraints on conservation network design for biodiversity and ecosystem services
Ecol. Complex. 26 , 45 - 56
full text (doi)
22238 Schröter, M., Kraemer, R., Remme, R.P., van Oudenhov, A.P.E. (2020):
Distant regions underpin interregional flows of cultural ecosystem services provided by birds and mammals
Ambio 49 (5), 1100 - 1113
full text (doi)
16489 Schröter, M., Remme, R.P. (2016):
Spatial prioritisation for conserving ecosystem services: comparing hotspots with heuristic optimisation
Landsc. Ecol. 31 (2), 431 - 450
full text (doi)
20774 Van Oudenhoven, A.P.E., Schröter, M., Drakou, E.G., Geijzendorffer, I.R., Jacobs, S., van Bodegom, P.M., Chazee, L., Czúcz, B., Grunewald, K., Lillebø, A.I., Mononen, L., Nogueira, A.J.A., Pacheco-Romero, M., Perennou, C., Remme, R.P., Rova, S., Syrbe, R.-U., Tratalos, J.A., Vallejos, M., Albert, C. (2018):
Key criteria for developing ecosystem service indicators to inform decision making
Ecol. Indic. 95 (Part 1), 417 - 426
full text (doi)
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