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23913 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Gallagher, C., Augusiak, J., Baveco, H., Berger, U., Charles, S., Martin, R., Focks, A., Galic, N., Liu, C., van Loon, E.E., Nabe-Nielsen, J., Piou, C., Polhill, J.G., Preuss, T.G., Radchuk, V., Schmolke, A., Stadnicka-Michalak, J., Thorbek, P., Grimm, V. (2021):
Keeping modelling notebooks with TRACE: Good for you and good for environmental research and management support
Environ. Modell. Softw. 136 , art. 104932
full text (doi)
24553 Clark, A.T., Arnoldi, J.-F., Zelnik, Y.R., Barabas, G., Hodapp, D., Karakoç, C., König, S., Radchuk, V., Donohue, I., Huth, A., Jacquet, C., de Mazancourt, C., Mentges, A., Nothaaß, D., Shoemaker, L.G., Taubert, F., Wiegand, T., Wang, S., Chase, J.M., Loreau, M., Harpole, S. (2021):
General statistical scaling laws for stability in ecological systems
Ecol. Lett. 24 (7), 1474 - 1486
full text (doi)
18022 De Laender, F., Rohr, J.R., Ashauer, R., Baird, D.J., Berger, U., Eisenhauer, N., Grimm, V., Hommen, U., Maltby, L., Meliàn, C.J., Pomati, F., Roessink, I., Radchuk, V., van den Brink, P.J. (2016):
Reintroducing environmental change drivers in biodiversity–ecosystem functioning research
Trends Ecol. Evol. 31 (12), 905 - 915
full text (doi)
20747 Egli, L., Weise, H., Radchuk, V., Seppelt, R., Grimm, V. (2019):
Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionality
Ecol. Complex. 40, Part B , art. 100718
full text (doi)
14594 Grimm, V., Augusiak, J., Focks, A., Frank, B.M., Gabsi, F., Johnston, A.S.A., Liu, C., Martin, B.T., Meli, M., Radchuk, V., Thorbek, P., Railsback, S.F. (2014):
Towards better modelling and decision support: Documenting model development, testing, and analysis using TRACE
Ecol. Model. 280 , 129 - 139
full text (doi)
22943 Grimm, V., Railsback, S.F., Vincenot, C.E., Berger, U., Gallagher, C., DeAngelis, D.L., Edmonds, B., Ge, J., Giske, J., Groeneveld, J., Johnston, A.S.A., Milles, A., Nabe-Nielsen, J., Polhill, J.G., Radchuk, V., Rohwäder, M.-S., Stillman, R.A., Thiele, J.C., Ayllón, D. (2020):
The ODD protocol for describing agent-based and other simulation models: A second update to improve clarity, replication, and structural realism
JASSS 23 (2), art. 7
full text (doi)
23522 Horn, J., Becher, M.A., Johst, K., Kennedy, P.J., Osborne, J.L., Radchuk, V., Grimm, V. (2021):
Honey bee colony performance affected by crop diversity and farmland structure: a modeling framework
Ecol. Appl. 31 (1), e02216
full text (doi)
20014 Karakoç, C., Radchuk, V., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2018):
Interactions between predation and disturbances shape prey communities
Sci. Rep. 8 , art. 2968
full text (doi)
22640 Ligmann-Zielinska, A., Siebers, P.-O., Magliocca, N., Parker, D.C., Grimm, V., Du, J., Cenek, M., Radchuk, V., Arbab, N.N., Li, S., Berger, U., Paudel, R., Robinson, D.T., Jankowski, P., An, L., Ye, X. (2020):
'One size does not fit all': A roadmap of purpose-driven mixed-method pathways for sensitivity analysis of agent-based models
JASSS 23 (1), art. 6
full text (doi)
13728 Pe'er, G., Matsinos, Y.G., Johst, K., Franz, K.W., Turlure, C., Radchuk, V., Malinowska, A.H., Curtis, J.M.R., Naujokaitis-Lewis, I., Wintle, B.A., Henle, K. (2013):
A protocol for better design, application, and communication of population viability analyses
Conserv. Biol. 27 (4), 644 - 656
full text (doi)
15101 Pe'er, G., Radchuk, V., Thompson, K., Tsianou, M.A., Franz, K.W., Matsinos, Y.G., Henle, K. (2014):
Population viability: on the move from small to large scales and from single to multiple species
In: Henle, K., Potts, S.G., Kunin, W.E., Matsinos, Y.G., Similä, J., Pantis, J.D., Grobelnik, V., Penev, L., Settele, J. (eds.)
Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 61 - 65
full text (doi)
21691 Radchuk, V., De Laender, F., Cabral, J.S., Boulangeat, I., Crawford, M., Bohn, F., De Raedt, J., Scherer, C., Svenning, J.-C., Thonicke, K., Schurr, F.M., Grimm, V., Kramer‐Schadt, S. (2019):
The dimensionality of stability depends on disturbance type
Ecol. Lett. 22 (4), 674 - 684
full text (doi)
16362 Radchuk, V., De Laender, F., van den Brink, P.J., Grimm, V. (2016):
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning decoupled: invariant ecosystem functioning despite non-random reductions in consumer diversity
Oikos 125 (3), 424 - 433
full text (doi)
13721 Radchuk, V., Johst, K., Groeneveld, J., Grimm, V., Schtickzelle, N. (2013):
Behind the scenes of population viability modeling: predicting butterfly metapopulation dynamics under climate change
Ecol. Model. 259 , 62 - 73
full text (doi)
14379 Radchuk, V., Johst, K., Groeneveld, J., Turlure, C., Grimm, V., Schtickzelle, N. (2014):
Appropriate resolution in time and model structure for population viability analysis: insights from a butterfly metapopulation
Biol. Conserv. 169 , 345 - 354
full text (doi)
21589 Radchuk, V., Kramer-Schadt, S., Grimm, V. (2019):
Transferability of mechanistic ecological models is about emergence
Trends Ecol. Evol. 34 (6), 487 - 488
full text (doi)
17133 Radchuk, V., Oppel, S., Groeneveld, J., Grimm, V., Schtickzelle, N. (2016):
Simple or complex: Relative impact of data availability and model purpose on the choice of model types for population viability analyses
Ecol. Model. 323 , 87 - 95
full text (doi)
22671 Scherer, C., Radchuk, V., Franz, M., Thulke, H.-H., Lange, M., Grimm, V., Kramer-Schadt, S. (2020):
Moving infections: individual movement decisions drive disease persistence in spatially structured landscapes
Oikos 129 (5), 651 - 667
full text (doi)
22140 Scherer, C., Radchuk, V., Staubach, C., Müller, S., Blaum, N., Thulke, H.-H., Kramer‐Schadt, S. (2019):
Seasonal host life‐history processes fuel disease dynamics at different spatial scales
J. Anim. Ecol. 88 (11), 1812 - 1824
full text (doi)
23059 Schlägel, U.E., Grimm, V., Blaum, N., Colangeli, P., Dammhahn, M., Eccard, J.A., Hausmann, S.L., Herde, A., Hofer, H., Joshi, J., Kramer‐Schadt, S., Litwin, M., Lozada‐Gobilard, S.D., Müller, M.E.H., Müller, T., Nathan, R., Petermann, J.S., Pirhofer‐Walzl, K., Radchuk, V., Rillig, M.C., Roeleke, M., Schäfer, M., Scherer, C., Schiro, G., Scholz, C., Teckentrup, L., Tiedemann, R., Ullmann, W., Voigt, C.C., Weithoff, G., Jeltsch, F. (2020):
Movement‐mediated community assembly and coexistence
Biol. Rev. 95 (4), 1073 - 1096
full text (doi)
17062 Singer, A., Johst, K., Banitz, T., Fowler, M.S., Groeneveld, J., Gutiérrez, A.G., Hartig, F., Krug, R.M., Liess, M., Matlack, G., Meyer, K.M., Pe'er, G., Radchuk, V., Voinopol-Sassu, A.-J., Travis, J.M.J. (2016):
Community dynamics under environmental change: How can next generation mechanistic models improve projections of species distributions?
Ecol. Model. 326 , 63 - 74
full text (doi)
22659 Weise, H., Auge, H., Baessler, C., Bärlund, I., Bennett, E.M., Berger, U., Bohn, F., Bonn, A., Borchardt, D., Brand, F., Chatzinotas, A., Corstanje, R., De Laender, F., Dietrich, P., Dunker, S., Durka, W., Fazey, I., Groeneveld, J., Guilbaud, C.S.E., Harms, H., Harpole, S., Harris, J., Jax, K., Jeltsch, F., Johst, K., Joshi, J., Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Kuhlicke, C., Müller, B., Radchuk, V., Reuter, H., Rinke, K., Schmitt-Jansen, M., Seppelt, R., Singer, A., Standish, R.J., Thulke, H.-H., Tietjen, B., Weitere, M., Wirth, C., Wolf, C., Grimm, V. (2020):
Resilience trinity: safeguarding ecosystem functioning and services across three different time horizons and decision contexts
Oikos 129 (4), 445 - 456
full text (doi)
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