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16112 Gründger, F., Jiménez, N., Thielemann, T., Straaten, N., Lüders, T., Richnow, H.-H., Krüger, M. (2015):
Microbial methane formation in deep aquifers of a coal-bearing sedimentary basin, Germany
Front. Microbiol. 6 , art. 200
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15216 Kuppardt, A., Kleinsteuber, S., Vogt, C., Lüders, T., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2014):
Phylogenetic and functional diversity within toluene-degrading, sulphate-reducing consortia enriched from a contaminated aquifer
Microb. Ecol. 68 (2), 222 - 234
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15341 Reiche, K., Kasack, K., Schreiber, S., Lüders, T., Due, E.U., Naume, B., Riis, M., Kristensen, VN, Horn, F., Børresen-Dale, A.L., Hackermüller, J., Baumbusch, L.O. (2014):
Long non-coding RNAs differentially expressed between normal versus primary breast tumor tissues disclose converse changes to breast cancer-related protein-coding genes

PLOS One 9 (9), e106076
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