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18423 Armenteras, D., Lavorel, S., Lengyel, S., Metzger, M., Scholes, B., Santos, F.A.M., Biggs, R., ten Brink, B., Koleff, P., Henle, K., Cramer, W., Proença, V., Pereira, H., Gómez, R. (2016):
Chapter 2: IPBES assessments across scales
Guide on the production and integration of assessments from and across all scales (deliverable 2 (a)). IPBES/4/INF/9
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) , Bonn, p. 27 - 40
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18674 Carrizo, S.F., Lengyel, S., Kapusi, F., Szabolcs, M., Kasperidus, H.D., Scholz, M., Markovic, D., Freyhof, J., Cid, N., Cardoso, A.C., Darwall, W. (2017):
Critical catchments for freshwater biodiversity conservation in Europe: identification, prioritisation and gap analysis
J. Appl. Ecol. 54 (4), 1209 - 1218
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13238 Gruber, B., Evans, D., Henle, K., Bauch, B., Schmeller, D.S., Dziock, F., Henry, P.-Y., Lengyel, S., Margules, C., Dormann, C.F. (2012):
“Mind the gap!” – How well does Natura 2000 cover species of European interest?
Nat. Conserv.-Bulgaria (3), 45 - 62
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10077 Henle, K., Bauch, B., Bell, S., Framstad, E., Kotarac, M., Henry, P.-Y., Lengyel, S., Grobelnik, V., Schmeller, D.S. (2010):
Observing biodiversity changes in Europe
In: Settele, J., Penev, L., Georgiev, T., Grabaum, R., Grobelnik, V., Hammen, V., Klotz, S., Kotarac, M., Kühn, I. (eds.)
Atlas of biodiversity risk
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 34 - 37
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12189 Henle, K., Bell, S., Brotons, L., Clobert, J., Evans, D., Görg, C., Grodzińska-Jurczak, M., Gruber, B., Haila, Y., Henry, P.-Y., Huth, A., Julliard, R., Keil, P., Kleyer, M., Kotze, D.J., Kunin, W., Lengyel, S., Lin, Y.-P., Loyau, A., Luck, G., Magnuson, W., Margules, C., Matsinos, Y., May, P., Sousa-Pinto, I., Possingham, H., Potts, S., Ring, I., Pryke, J., Samways, M., Saunders, D., Schmeller, D.S., Similä, J., Sommer, S., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Stoev, P., Sykes, M., Tóthmérész, B., Yam, R., Tzanopoulos, J., Penev, L. (2012):
Nature conservation - a new dimension in open access publishing bridging science and application
Nat. Conserv.-Bulgaria (1), 1 - 10
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10078 Henle, K., Kunin, W., Schweiger, O., Schmeller, D.S., Grobelnik, V., Matsinos, Y., Pantis, J., Penev, L., Potts, S.G., Ring, I., Similä, J., Tzanopoulos, J., van den Hove, S., Baguette, M., Clobert, J., Excoffier, L., Framstad, E., Grodzińska-Jurczak, M., Lengyel, S., Marty, P., Moilanen, A., Porcher, E., Storch, D., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Sykes, M.T., Zobel, M., Settele, J. (2010):
Securing the conservation of biodiversity across administrative levels and spatial, temporal, and ecological scales - research needs and approaches of the SCALES project
GAIA 19 (3), 187 - 193
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13349 Henle, K., Mester, B., Lengyel, S., Puky, M. (2012):
A review of a rare type of anomaly in amphibians, tail duplication and bifurcation, with description of three new cases in European species (Triturus dobrogicus, Triturus carnifex, and Hyla arborea)
J. Herpetol. 46 (4), 451 - 455
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1023 Henry, P.-Y., Lengyel, S., Nowicki, P., Julliard, R., Clobert, J., Celik, T., Gruber, B., Schmeller, D.S., Babij, V., Henle, K. (2008):
Integrating ongoing biodiversity monitoring: potential benefits and methods
Biodivers. Conserv. 17 (14), 3357 - 3382
full text (doi)
12061 Keil, P., Schweiger, O., Kühn, I., Kunin, W.E., Kuussaari, M., Settele, J., Henle, K., Brotons, L., Pe'er, G., Lengyel, S., Moustakas, A., Steinicke, H., Storch, D. (2012):
Patterns of beta diversity in Europe: the role of climate, land cover and distance across scales
J. Biogeogr. 39 (8), 1473 - 1486
full text (doi)
15105 Kosztyi, B., Henle, K., Lengyel, S. (2014):
Biodiversity monitoring and policy instruments: trends,gaps and new developments
In: Henle, K., Potts, S.G., Kunin, W.E., Matsinos, Y.G., Similä, J., Pantis, J.D., Grobelnik, V., Penev, L., Settele, J. (eds.)
Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 137 - 141
full text (doi)
1183 Lengyel, S., Déri, E., Varga, Z., Horváth, R., Tóthmérész, B., Henry, P.-Y., Kobler, A., Kutnar, L., Babij, V., Seliškar, A., Christia, C., Papastergiadou, E., Gruber, B., Henle, K. (2008):
Habitat monitoring in Europe: a description of current practices
Biodivers. Conserv. 17 (14), 3327 - 3339
full text (doi)
1182 Lengyel, S., Kobler, A., Kutnar, L., Framstad, E., Henry, P.-Y., Babij, V., Gruber, B., Schmeller, D.S., Henle, K. (2008):
A review and a framework for the integration of biodiversity monitoring at the habitat level
Biodivers. Conserv. 17 (14), 3341 - 3356
full text (doi)
15104 Lengyel, S., Kosztyi, B., Ölvedi, T.B., Gunton, R.M., Kunin, W.E., Schmeller, D.S., Henle, K. (2014):
Conservation strategies across spatial scales
In: Henle, K., Potts, S.G., Kunin, W.E., Matsinos, Y.G., Similä, J., Pantis, J.D., Grobelnik, V., Penev, L., Settele, J. (eds.)
Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 133 - 136
full text (doi)
19703 Lengyel, S., Kosztyi, B., Schmeller, D.S., Henry, P.-Y., Kotarac, M., Lin, Y.-P., Henle, K. (2018):
Evaluating and benchmarking biodiversity monitoring: Metadata-based indicators for sampling design, sampling effort and data analysis
Ecol. Indic. 85 , 624 - 633
full text (doi)
15040 Lin, Y.-P., Huang, C.-W., Ding, T.-S., Wang, Y.-C., Hsiao, W.-T., Crossman, N.D., Lengyel, S., Lin, W.-C., Schmeller, D.S. (2014):
Conservation planning to zone protected areas under optimal landscape management for bird conservation
Environ. Modell. Softw. 60 , 121 - 133
full text (doi)
15292 Markovic, D., Carrizo, S., Freyhof, J., Cid, N., Lengyel, S., Scholz, M., Kasperidus, H., Darwall, W. (2014):
Europe's freshwater biodiversity under climate change: distribution shifts and conservation needs
Divers. Distrib. 20 (9), 1097 - 1107
full text (doi)
1411 Schmeller, D.S., Gruber, B., Budrys, E., Framsted, E., Lengyel, S., Henle, K. (2008):
National responsibilities in European species conservation: a methodological review
Conserv. Biol. 22 (3), 593 - 601
full text (doi)
561 Schmeller, D.S., Henry, P.-Y., Julliard, R., Gruber, B., Clobert, J., Dziock, F., Lengyel, S., Nowicki, P., Déri, E., Budrys, E., Kull, T., Tali, K., Bauch, B., Settele, J., van Swaay, C.A.M., Kobler, A., Babij, V., Papastergiadou, E., Henle, K. (2009):
Advantages of volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring in Europe
Conserv. Biol. 23 (2), 307 - 316
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