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22139 Andronache, I., Marin, M., Fischer, R., Ahammer, H., Radulovic, M., Ciobotaru, A.-M., Jelinek, H.F., Di Ieva, A., Pintilii, R.-D., Drăghici, C.-C., Herman, G.V., Nicula, A.-S., Simion, A.-G., Loghin, I.-V., Diaconu, D.-C., Peptenatu, D. (2019):
Dynamics of forest fragmentation and connectivity using particle and fractal analysis
Sci. Rep. 9 , art. 12228
full text (doi)
20621 Armstrong, A., Fischer, R., Huth, A., Shugart, H., Fatoyinbo, T. (2018):
Simulating forest dynamics of lowland rainforests in Eastern Madagascar
Forests 9 (4), art. 214
full text (doi)
23448 Armstrong, A.H., Huth, A., Osmanoglu, B., Sun, G., Ranson, K.J., Fischer, R. (2020):
A multi-scaled analysis of forest structure using individual-based modeling in a costa rican rainforest
Ecol. Model. 433 , art. 109226
full text (doi)
25330 Bauer, L., Knapp, N., Fischer, R. (2021):
Mapping Amazon forest productivity by fusing GEDI lidar waveforms with an individual-based forest model
Remote Sens. 13 (22), art. 4540
full text (doi)
18562 Brinck, K., Fischer, R., Groeneveld, J., Lehmann, S., Dantas de Paula, M., Pütz, S., Sexton, J.O., Song, D., Huth, A. (2017):
High resolution analysis of tropical forest fragmentation and its impact on the global carbon cycle
Nat. Commun. 8 , art. 14855
full text (doi)
19666 Cazcarra-Bes, V., Tello-Alonso, M., Fischer, R., Heym, M., Papathanassiou, K. (2017):
Monitoring of forest structure dynamics by means of L-band SAR tomography
Remote Sens. 9 (12), art. 1229
full text (doi)
20628 Dantas de Paula, M., Groeneveld, J., Fischer, R., Taubert, F., Martins, V.F., Huth, A. (2018):
Defaunation impacts on seed survival and its effect on the biomass of future tropical forests
Oikos 127 (10), 1526 - 1538
full text (doi)
23221 di Porcia e Brugnera, M., Fischer, R., Taubert, F., Huth, A., Verbeeck, H. (2020):
Lianas in silico, ecological insights from a model of structural parasitism
Ecol. Model. 431 , art. 109159
full text (doi)
21500 Exbrayat, J.-F., Bloom, A.A., Carvalhais, N., Fischer, R., Huth, A., MacBean, N., Williams, M. (2019):
Understanding the land carbon cycle with space data: Current status and prospects
Surv. Geophys. 40 (4), 735 - 755
full text (doi)
24636 Fischer, R. (2021):
The long-term consequences of forest fires on the carbon fluxes of a tropical forest in Africa
Appl. Sci. 11 (10), art. 4696
full text (doi)
14686 Fischer, R. (2014):
Modellierung der Dynamik afrikanischer Tropenwälder. Analyse des Einflusses von Störungen auf tropische Wälder mit Hilfe des Waldmodells FORMIND
Dissertation, Universität Osnabrück
PhD Dissertation 4/2014
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, 187 S.
14255 Fischer, R., Armstrong, A., Shugart, H.H., Huth, A. (2014):
Simulating the impacts of reduced rainfall on carbon stocks and net ecosystem exchange in a tropical forest
Environ. Modell. Softw. 52 , 200 - 206
full text (doi)
17061 Fischer, R., Bohn, F., Dantas de Paula, M., Dislich, C., Groeneveld, J., Gutiérrez, A.G., Kazmierczak, M., Knapp, N., Lehmann, S., Paulick, S., Pütz, S., Rödig, E., Taubert, F., Köhler, P., Huth, A. (2016):
Lessons learned from applying a forest gap model to understand ecosystem and carbon dynamics of complex tropical forests
Ecol. Model. 326 , 124 - 133
full text (doi)
16092 Fischer, R., Ensslin, A., Rutten, G., Fischer, M., Schellenberger Costa, D., Kleyer, M., Hemp, A., Paulick, S., Huth, A. (2015):
Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of an African tropical montane forest with an individual-based forest model
PLOS One 10 (4), e0123300
full text (doi)
21419 Fischer, R., Knapp, N., Bohn, F., Huth, A. (2019):
Remote sensing measurements of forest structure types for ecosystem service mapping
In: Schröter, M., Bonn, A., Klotz, S., Seppelt, R., Baessler, C. (eds.)
Atlas of ecosystem services : drivers, risks, and societal responses
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 63 - 67
full text (doi)
21633 Fischer, R., Knapp, N., Bohn, F., Shugart, H.H., Huth, A. (2019):
The relevance of forest structure for biomass and productivity in temperate forests: New perspectives for remote sensing
Surv. Geophys. 40 (4), 709 - 734
full text (doi)
20746 Fischer, R., Rödig, E., Huth, A. (2018):
Consequences of a reduced number of plant functional types for the simulation of forest productivity
Forests 9 (8), art. 460
full text (doi)
3318 Fischer, R., Seidel, H., Morgenstern, P., Förster, H.-J., Thiele, W., Krebs, P. (2005):
Treatment of process water containing heavy metals with a two-stage electrolysis procedure in a membrane electrolysis cell
Eng. Life Sci. 5 (2), 163 - 168
full text (doi)
5471 Fischer, R., Seidel, H., Rahner, D., Morgenstern, P., Löser, C. (2002):
Elimination of heavy metals from process waters of the bioleaching process by electrolysis
J. Soils Sediments 2 (4), 166 - 168
full text (doi)
4074 Fischer, R., Seidel, H., Rahner, D., Morgenstern, P., Löser, C. (2004):
Elimination of heavy metals from leachates by membrane electrolysis
Eng. Life Sci. 4 (5), 438 - 444
full text (doi)
24842 Fischer, R., Taubert, F., Müller, M.S., Groeneveld, J., Lehmann, S., Wiegand, T., Huth, A. (2021):
Accelerated forest fragmentation leads to critical increase in tropical forest edge area
Sci. Adv. 7 (37), eabg7012
full text (doi)
4083 Frömmichen, R., Wendt-Potthoff, K., Friese, K., Fischer, R. (2004):
Microcosm studies for neutralization of hypolimnic acid mine pit lake water (ph 2.6)
Environ. Sci. Technol. 38 (6), 1877 - 1887
full text (doi)
19034 Getzin, S., Fischer, R., Knapp, N., Huth, A. (2017):
Using airborne LiDAR to assess spatial heterogeneity in forest structure on Mount Kilimanjaro
Landsc. Ecol. 32 (9), 1881 - 1894
full text (doi)
22966 Hetzer, J., Huth, A., Wiegand, T., Dobner, H.-J., Fischer, R. (2020):
An analysis of forest biomass sampling strategies across scales
Biogeosciences 17 (6), 1673 - 1683
full text (doi)
16655 Hiltner, U., Bräuning, A., Gebrekirstos, A., Huth, A., Fischer, R. (2016):
Impacts of precipitation variability on the dynamics of a dry tropical montane forest
Ecol. Model. 320 , 92 - 101
full text (doi)
20851 Hiltner, U., Huth, A., Bräuning, A., Hérault, B., Fischer, R. (2018):
Simulation of succession in a neotropical forest: High selective logging intensities prolong the recovery times of ecosystem functions
For. Ecol. Manage. 430 , 517 - 525
full text (doi)
24488 Hiltner, U., Huth, A., Hérault, B., Holtmann, A., Bräuning, A., Fischer, R. (2021):
Climate change alters the ability of neotropical forests to provide timber and sequester carbon
For. Ecol. Manage. 492 , art. 119166
full text (doi)
24652 Holtmann, A., Huth, A., Pohl, F., Rebmann, C., Fischer, R. (2021):
Carbon sequestration in mixed deciduous forests: The importance of mid-storey trees for forest productivity
EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021
Copernicus Publications, p. EGU21-7228
full text (url)
24680 Holtmann, A., Huth, A., Pohl, F., Rebmann, C., Fischer, R. (2021):
Carbon sequestration in mixed deciduous forests: the influence of tree size and species composition derived from model experiments
Forests 12 (6), art. 726
full text (doi)
17319 Kazmierczak, M., Backmann, P., Fedriani, J.M., Fischer, R., Hartmann, A.K., Huth, A., May, F., Müller, M.S., Taubert, F., Grimm, V., Groeneveld, J. (2016):
Monodominance in tropical forests: modelling reveals emerging clusters and phase transitions
J. R. Soc. Interface 13 (117), art. 0123
full text (doi)
22823 Knapp, N., Fischer, R., Cazcarra-Bes, V., Huth, A. (2020):
Structure metrics to generalize biomass estimation from lidar across forest types from different continents
Remote Sens. Environ. 237 , art. 111597
full text (doi)
19665 Knapp, N., Fischer, R., Huth, A. (2018):
Linking lidar and forest modeling to assess biomass estimation across scales and disturbance states
Remote Sens. Environ. 205 , 199 - 209
full text (doi)
24489 Knapp, N., Huth, A., Fischer, R. (2021):
Tree crowns cause border effects in area-based biomass estimations from remote sensing
Remote Sens. 13 (8), art. 1592
full text (doi)
20289 Knapp, N., Huth, A., Kugler, F., Papathanassiou, K., Condit, R., Hubbell, S.P., Fischer, R. (2018):
Model-assisted estimation of tropical forest biomass change: a comparison of approaches
Remote Sens. 10 (5), art. 731
full text (doi)
8199 Löser, C., Seidel, H., Fischer, R., Stottmeister, U. (1999):
Mikrobieller Kohlenstoffabbau im Boden in Perkolationssystemen mit Prozeßsteuerung
In: Heiden, S. (Hrsg.)
Innovative Techniken der Bodensanierung : ein Beitrag zur Nachhaltigkeit
Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin, S. 117 - 135
9462 Löser, C., Seidel, H., Hoffmann, P., Zehnsdorf, A., Fischer, R. (1997):
Microbial remediation of a hydrocarbon contaminated soil in percolator systems of pilot and large scale
In: Alef, K., Brandt, J., Fiedler, H., Hauthal, W., Hutzinger, O., Mackay, D., Matthies, M., Morgan, K., Newland, L., Robitaille, H., Schlummer, M., Schüürmann, G., Voigt, K. (eds.)
Information and communication in environmental and health issues: Proceedings of Eco-Informa '97, October 6-9, 1997
Eco-Informa 12
Eco-Informa Press, Bayreuth, p. 314 - 319
24687 Maciel, E.A., Martins, V.F., Dantas de Paula, M., Huth, A., Guilherme, F.A.G., Fischer, R., Giles, A., Barbosa, R.I., Cavassan, O., Martins, F.R. (2021):
Defaunation and changes in climate and fire frequency have synergistic effects on aboveground biomass loss in the Brazilian savanna
Ecol. Model. 454 , art. 109628
full text (doi)
24419 Maréchaux, I., Langerwisch, F., Huth, A., Bugmann, H., Morin, X., Reyer, C.P.O., Seidl, R., Collalti, A., Dantas de Paula, M., Fischer, R., Gutsch, M., Lexer, M.J., Lischke, H., Rammig, A., Rödig, E., Sakschewski, B., Taubert, F., Thonicke, K., Vacchiano, G., Bohn, F.J. (2021):
Tackling unresolved questions in forest ecology: The past and future role of simulation models
Ecol. Evol. 11 (9), 3746 - 3770
full text (doi)
18744 Paulick, S., Dislich, C., Homeier, J., Fischer, R., Huth, A. (2017):
The carbon fluxes in different successional stages: modelling the dynamics of tropical montane forests in South Ecuador
For. Ecosyst. 4 , art. 5
full text (doi)
25301 Ribeiro, N.S., Hildt Armstrong, A., Fischer, R., Kim, Y.-S., Shugart, H.H., Ribeiro-Barros, A.I., Chauque, A., Tear, T., Washington-Allen, R., Bandeira, R.R. (2021):
Prediction of forest parameters and carbon accounting under different fire regimes in Miombo woodlands, Niassa Special Reserve, Northern Mozambique
Forest Policy Econ. 133 , art. 102625
full text (doi)
20294 Rödig, E., Cuntz, M., Rammig, A., Fischer, R., Taubert, F., Huth, A. (2018):
The importance of forest structure for carbon fluxes of the Amazon rainforest
Environ. Res. Lett. 13 (5), art. 054013
full text (doi)
22382 Rödig, E., Knapp, N., Fischer, R., Bohn, F.J., Dubayah, R., Tang, H., Huth, A. (2019):
From small-scale forest structure to Amazon-wide carbon estimates
Nat. Commun. 10 , art. 5088
full text (doi)
16713 Shugart, H.H., Asner, G.P., Fischer, R., Huth, A., Knapp, N., Le Toan, T., Shuman, J.K. (2015):
Computer and remote-sensing infrastructure to enhance large-scale testing of individual-based forest models
Front. Ecol. Environ. 13 (9), 503 - 511
full text (doi)
19958 Shugart, H.H., Wang, B., Fischer, R., Ma, J., Fang, J., Yan, X., Huth, A., Armstrong, A.H. (2018):
Gap models and their individual-based relatives in the assessment of the consequences of global change
Environ. Res. Lett. 13 (3), art. 033001
full text (doi)
19928 Taubert, F., Fischer, R., Groeneveld, J., Lehmann, S., Müller, M.S., Rödig, E., Wiegand, T., Huth, A. (2018):
Global patterns of tropical forest fragmentation
Nature 554 (7693), 519 - 522
full text (doi)
24062 Taubert, F., Fischer, R., Knapp, N., Huth, A. (2021):
Deriving tree size distributions of tropical forests from lidar
Remote Sens. 13 (1), art. 131
full text (doi)
20949 Tello, M., Cazcarra-Bes, V., Fischer, R., Papathanassiou, K. (2018):
Multiscale forest structure estimation from SAR tomography
Electronic Proceedings EUSAR 2018; 12th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, 04-07 June, 2018, Aachen, Germany
VDE-Verlag, Berlin ; Offenbach, p. 600 - 603
full text (url)
20953 Tello, M., Pardini, M., Papathanassiou, K., Fischer, R. (2014):
Towards forest structure characteristics retrieval from SAR tomographic profiles
Electronic Proceedings EUSAR 2018; 12th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, 04-07 June, 2018, Aachen, Germany
VDE-Verlag, Berlin ; Offenbach, p. 1425 - 1428
full text (url)
9122 Zehnsdorf, A., Hoffmann, P., Fischer, R. (1998):
Untersuchungen zur Steigerung der Effektivität einer mikrobiologischen Bodensanierungsanlage
altlasten spektrum 7 (4), 209 - 213
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