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20956 Huang, Y., Chen, Y., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Baruffol, M., Brezzi, M., Lang, A., Li, Y., Härdtle, W., von Oheimb, G., Yang, X., Liu, X., Pei, K., Both, S., Yang, B., Eichenberg, D., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Behrens, T., Buscot, F., Chen, X.-Y., Chesters, D., Ding, B.-Y., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Fang, J., Fischer, M., Guo, L.-D., Guo, D., Gutknecht, J.L.M., He, J.-S., He, C.-L., Hector, A., Hönig, L., Hu, R.-Y., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liang, Y., Li, S., Michalski, S., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmidt, K., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Shi, X., Tan, M.-Z., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., Wang, Z., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xiang, W., Yu, M., Yu, X.-D., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, N., Zhou, H.-Z., Zhu, C.-D., Zhu, L., Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Niklaus, P.A., Schmid, B. (2018):
Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment
Science 362 (6410), 80 - 83
full text (doi)
16111 Martini, E., Wollschläger, U., Kögler, S., Behrens, T., Dietrich, P., Reinstorf, F., Schmidt, K., Weiler, M., Werban, U., Zacharias, S. (2015):
Spatial and temporal dynamics of hillslope-scale soil moisture patterns: characteristic states and transition mechanisms
Vadose Zone J. 14 (4), 10.2136/vzj2014.10.0150
full text (doi)
10361 Nüsch, A.-K., Dietrich, P., Werban, U., Behrens, T. (2010):
Acquisition and reliability of geophysical data in soil science
19th World Congress of Soil Science, Soil Solutions for a Changing World, 1-6 August 2010, Brisbane, Australia
p. 21 - 24
23550 Rentschler, T., Werban, U., Ahner, M., Behrens, T., Gries, P., Scholten, T., Teuber, S., Schmidt, K. (2020):
3D mapping of soil organic carbon content and soil moisture with multiple geophysical sensors and machine learning
Vadose Zone J. 19 (1), e20062
full text (doi)
14900 Schmidt, K., Behrens, T., Daumann, J., Ramirez-Lopez, L., Werban, U., Dietrich, P., Scholten, T. (2014):
A comparison of calibration sampling schemes at the field scale
Geoderma 232-234 , 243 - 256
full text (doi)
10655 Werban, U., Behrens, T., Cassiani, G., Dietrich, P. (2010):
iSOIL: an EU project to integrate geophysics, digital soil mapping, and soil science
In: Viscarra Rossel, R.A., McBratney, A., Minasny, B. (eds.)
Proximal soil sensing
Progress in Soil Science 1
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 103 - 110
full text (doi)
1565 Werban, U., Behrens, T., Cassiani, G., Sauer, U., Dietrich, P. (2008):
Interactions between soil related sciences - linking geophysics, soil science and digital soil mapping. Special sessions
ConSoil 2008 : 10th International UFZ-Deltares/TNO Conference on Soil-Water Systems in cooperation with Provincia di Milano, 3-6 June 2008 Milani, Italy ; proceedings
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, p. 77 - 81
12940 Werban, U., Nüsch, A.-K., Behrens, T., Sauer, U., Schmidt, K., Dietrich, P. (2012):
Landscape scale – quality assurance to integrate electromagnetical induction
Near Surface Geoscience 2012 – 18th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Paris, France, 3-5 September 2012
p. P28
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