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14715 Bartsch, S., Frei, S., Ruidisch, M., Shope, C.L., Peiffer, S., Kim, B., Fleckenstein, J.H. (2014):
River-aquifer exchange fluxes under monsoonal climate conditions
J. Hydrol. 509 , 601 - 614
full text (doi)
14353 Bartsch, S., Peiffer, S., Shope, C.L., Arnhold, S., Jeong, J.-J., Park, J.-H., Eum, J., Kim, B., Fleckenstein, J.H. (2013):
Monsoonal-type climate or land-use management: Understanding their role in the mobilization of nitrate and DOC in a mountainous catchment
J. Hydrol. 507 , 149 - 162
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6275 Dilly, O., Bartsch, S., Rosenbrock, P., Buscot, F., Munch, J.C. (2001):
Shifts in physiological capabilities of the microbiota during the decomposition of leaf litter in a black alder (Alnus glutinosa (Gaertn.) L.) forest
Soil Biol. Biochem. 33 (7-8), 921 - 930
full text (doi)
12740 Jeong, J.-J., Bartsch, S., Fleckenstein, J.H., Matzner, E., Tenhunen, J.D., Lee, S.D., Park, S.K., Park, J.H. (2012):
Differential storm responses of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in a mountainous headwater stream, investigated by high-frequency, in situ optical measurements
J. Geophys. Res.-Biogeosci. 117 , G03013
full text (doi)
23348 Kreuz, M., Otto, D.J., Fuessel, S., Blumert, C., Bertram, C., Bartsch, S., Loeffler, D., Puppel, S.-H., Rade, M., Buschmann, T., Christ, S., Erdmann, K., Friedrich, M., Froehner, M., Muders, M.H., Schreiber, S., Specht, M., Toma, M.I., Benigni, F., Freschi, M., Gandaglia, G., Briganti, A., Baretton, G.B., Loeffler, M., HackermĂĽller, J., Reiche, K., Wirth, M., Horn, F. (2020):
ProstaTrend—A multivariable prognostic RNA expression score for aggressive prostate cancer
Eur. Urol. 78 (3), 452 - 459
full text (doi)
13923 Shope, C.L., Bartsch, S., Kim, K., Kim, B., Tenhunen, J., Peiffer, S., Park, J.-H., Ok, Y.S., Fleckenstein, J.H., Koellner, T. (2013):
A weighted, multi-method approach for accurate basin-wide streamflow estimation in an ungauged watershed
J. Hydrol. 494 , 72 - 82
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