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20273 An, X.-L., Su, J.-C., Li, B., Ouyang, W.-Y., Zhao, Y., Chen, Q.-L., Cui, L., Chen, H., Gillings, M.R., Zhang, T., Zhu, Y.-G. (2018):
Tracking antibiotic resistome during wastewater treatment using high throughput quantitative PCR
Environ. Int. 117 , 146 - 153
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24692 Chen, S.-C., Budhraja, R., Adrian, L., Calabrese, F., Stryhanyuk, H., Musat, N., Richnow, H.-H., Duan, G.-L., Zhu, Y.-G., Musat, F. (2021):
Novel clades of soil biphenyl degraders revealed by integrating isotope probing, multi-omics, and single-cell analyses
ISME J. 15 (12), 3508 - 3521
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21791 Chen, S.-C., Musat, N., Lechtenfeld, O.J., Paschke, H., Schmidt, M., Said, N., Popp, D., Calabrese, F., Stryhanyuk, H., Jaekel, U., Zhu, Y.-G., Joye, S.B., Richnow, H.-H., Widdel, F., Musat, F. (2019):
Anaerobic oxidation of ethane by archaea from a marine hydrocarbon seep
Nature 568 (7750), 108 - 111
full text (doi)
23189 Chen, S.-C., Sun, G.-X., Yan, Y., Konstantinidis, K.T., Zhang, S.-Y., Deng, Y., Li, X.-M., Cui, H.-L., Musat, F., Popp, D., Rosen, B.P., Zhu, Y.-G. (2020):
The Great Oxidation Event expanded the genetic repertoire of arsenic metabolism and cycling
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 117 (19), 10414 - 10421
full text (doi)
16926 Duan, G.-L., Hu, Y., Schneider, S., McDermott, J., Chen, J., Sauer, N., Rosen, B.P., Daus, B., Liu, Z., Zhu, Y.-G. (2016):
Inositol transporters AtINT2 and AtINT4 regulate arsenic accumulation in Arabidopsis seeds
Nat. Plants 2 (1), art. 15202
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25308 Wang, F., Harindintwali, J.D., Yuan, Z., Wang, M., Wang, F., Li, S., Yin, Z., Huang, L., Fu, Y., Li, L., Chang, S.X., Zhang, L., Rinklebe, J., Yuan, Z., Zhu, Q., Xiang, L., Tsang, D.C.W., Xu, L., Jiang, X., Liu, J., Wei, N., Kästner, M., Zou, Y., Ok, Y.S., Shen, J., Peng, D., Zhang, W., Barcelo, D., Zhou, Y., Bai, Z., Li, B., Zhang, B., Wei, K., Cao, H., Tan, Z., Zhao, L., He, X., Zheng, J., Bolan, N., Liu, X., Huang, C., Dietmann, S., Luo, M., Sun, N., Gong, J., Brahushi, F., Zhang, T., Xiao, C., Li, X., Chen, W., Jiao, N., Lehmann, J., Zhu, Y.-G., Jin, H., Schaeffer, A., Tiedje, J.M., Chen, J.M. (2021):
Technologies and perspectives for achieving carbon neutrality
The Innovation 2 (4), art. 100180
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