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15595 Brell, M., Rogass, C., Segl, K., Spengler, D., Kuester, T., Itzerott, S., Chabrillat, S., Roessner, S., Lausch, A., Doktor, D., Kaufmann, H. (2013):
An automated pre-processing chain for airborne hyperspectral data including radiometric calibration, atmospheric correction and direct georeferencing
Conference: 8th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop Nantes, France
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24784 Ferner, J., Linstädter, A., Rogass, C., Südekum, K.-H., Schmidtlein, S. (2021):
Towards forage resource monitoring in subtropical savanna grasslands: going multispectral or hyperspectral?
Eur. J. Remote Sens. 54 (1), 364 - 384
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22323 Lausch, A., Baade, J., Bannehr, L., Borg, E., Bumberger, J., Chabrilliat, S., Dietrich, P., Gerighausen, H., Glässer, C., Hacker, J.M., Haase, D., Jagdhuber, T., Jany, S., Jung, A., Karnieli, A., Kraemer, R., Makki, M., Mielke, C., Möller, M., Mollenhauer, H., Montzka, C., Pause, M., Rogass, C., Rozenstein, O., Schmullius, C., Schrodt, F., Schrön, M., Schulz, K., Schütze, C., Schweitzer, C., Selsam, P., Skidmore, A.K., Spengler, D., Thiel, C., Truckenbrodt, S.C., Vohland, M., Wagner, R., Weber, U., Werban, U., Wollschläger, U., Zacharias, S., Schaepman, M.E. (2019):
Linking remote sensing and geodiversity and their traits relevant to biodiversity—Part I: Soil characteristics
Remote Sens. 11 (20), art. 2356
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23857 Lausch, A., Schaepman, M.E., Skidmore, A.K., Truckenbrodt, S.C., Hacker, J.M., Baade, J., Bannehr, L., Borg, E., Bumberger, J., Dietrich, P., Gläßer, C., Haase, D., Heurich, M., Jagdhuber, T., Jany, S., Krönert, R., Möller, M., Mollenhauer, H., Montzka, C., Pause, M., Rogass, C., Salepci, N., Schmullius, C., Schrodt, F., Schütze, C., Schweitzer, C., Selsam, P., Spengler, D., Vohland, M., Volk, M., Weber, U., Wellmann, T., Werban, U., Zacharias, S., Thiel, C. (2020):
Linking the remote sensing of geodiversity and traits relevant to biodiversity—Part II: Geomorphology, terrain and surfaces
Remote Sens. 12 (22), art. 3690
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15553 Rogass, C., Mielke, C., Scheffler, D., Boesche, N.K., Lausch, A., Lubitz, C., Brell, M., Spengler, D., Eisele, A., Segl, K., Guanter, L. (2014):
Reduction of uncorrelated striping noise—applications for hyperspectral pushbroom acquisitions
Remote Sens. 6 (11), 11082 - 11106
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11302 Rogass, C., Spengler, D., Bochow, M., Segl, K., Lausch, A., Doktor, D., Roessner, S., Behling, R., Wetzel, H.-U., Kaufmann, H. (2011):
Reduction of radiometric miscalibration-applications to pushbroom sensors
Sensors 11 (6), 6370 - 6395
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23404 Salehi, S., Mielke, C., Rogass, C. (2020):
Mapping ultramafic complexes using airborne imaging spectroscopy and spaceborne data in Arctic regions with abundant lichen cover, a case study from the Niaqornarssuit complex in South West Greenland
Eur. J. Remote Sens. 53 (1), 156 - 175
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