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3984 Błaszkowski, J., Blanke, V., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2004):
Glomus aurantium and G. xanthium, new species in Glomeromycota
Mycotaxon 90 (2), 447 - 467
813 Błaszkowski, J., Czerniawska, B., Wubet, T., Schäfer, T., Buscot, F., Renker, C. (2008):
Glomus irregulare, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus in the Glomeromycota
Mycotaxon 106 , 247 - 267
2512 Błaszkowski, J., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2006):
Glomus drummondii and G. walkeri, two new species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota)
Mycol. Res. 110 (5), 555 - 566
full text (doi)
3177 Benke, M., Renker, C. (2005):
Vorkommen von Monacha cartusiana (O. F. Müller, 1774) und Cernuella neglecta (Draparnaud, 1805) im Stadtgebiet von Leipzig (Sachsen)
Malakol. Abh. 23 , 109 - 115
3203 Blanke, V., Renker, C., Wagner, M., Füllner, K., Held, M., Kuhn, A.J., Buscot, F. (2005):
Nitrogen supply affects arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of Artemisia vulgaris in a phosphate-polluted field site
New Phytol. 166 (3), 981 - 992
full text (doi)
10893 Blanke, V., Wagner, M., Renker, C., Lippert, H., Michulitz, M., Kuhn, A.J., Buscot, F. (2011):
Arbuscular mycorrhizas in phosphate-polluted soil: interrelations between root colonization and nitrogen
Plant Soil 343 (1-2), 379 - 392
full text (doi)
2541 Börstler, B., Renker, C., Kahmen, A., Buscot, F. (2006):
Species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two mountain meadows with differing management types and levels of plant biodiversity
Biol. Fert. Soils 42 (4), 286 - 298
full text (doi)
2530 Boyle, H., Zimdars, B., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2006):
A molecular phylogeny of Hebeloma species from Europe
Mycol. Res. 110 (4), 369 - 380
full text (doi)
147 Eisenhauer, N., König, S., Sabais, A.C.W., Renker, C., Buscot, F., Scheu, S. (2009):
Impacts of earthworms and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus intraradices) on plant performance are not interrelated
Soil Biol. Biochem. 41 (3), 561 - 567
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5577 Heinrichs, J., Groth, H., Holz, I., Rycroft, D.S., Renker, C., Pröschold, T. (2002):
The systematic position of Plagiochila moritziana, P-trichostoma, and P-deflexa based on ITS sequence variation of nuclear ribosomal DNA, morphology, and lipophilic secondary metabolites
Bryologist 105 (2), 189 - 203
full text (doi)
4165 Heinrichs, J., Groth, H., Lindner, M., Renker, C., Pocs, T., Pröschold, T. (2004):
Intercontinental distribution of Plagiochila corrugata (Plagiochilaceae, Hepaticae) inferred from nrDNA ITS sequences and morphology
Bot. J. Linnean Soc. 146 (4), 469 - 481
full text (doi)
2691 Heinrichs, J., Lindner, M., Groth, H., Hentschel, J., Feldberg, K., Renker, C., Engel, J.J., von Konrat, M., Long, D.G., Schneider, H. (2006):
Goodbye or welcome Gondwana? - insights into the phylogenetic biogeography of the leafy liverwort Plagiochila with a description of Proskauera, gen. nov. (Plagiochilaceae, Jungermanniales)
Plant Syst. Evol. 258 (3-4), 227 - 250
full text (doi)
3426 Heinrichs, J., Lindner, M., Groth, H., Renker, C. (2005):
Distribution and synonymy of Plagiochila punctata (Taylor) Taylor, with hypotheses on the evolutionary history of Plagiochila sect. Arrectae (Plagiochilaceae, Hepaticae)
Plant Syst. Evol. 250 (1-2), 105 - 117
full text (doi)
5576 Heinrichs, J., Pröschold, T., Renker, C., Groth, H., Rycroft, D.S. (2002):
Plagiochila virginica A.Evans rather than P. dubia Lindenb. & Gottsche occurs in Macaronesia; placement in sect. Contiguae Carl is supported by ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA
Plant Syst. Evol. 230 (3-4), 221 - 230
full text (doi)
6400 Heinrichs, J., Renker, C. (2001):
New synonyms in Plagiochila (Hepaticae)
Cryptogam. Bryol. 22 (4), 247 - 250
full text (doi)
1863 Hempel, S., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2007):
Differences in the species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in spore, root and soil communities in a grassland ecosystem
Environ. Microbiol. 9 (8), 1930 - 1938
full text (doi)
251 Hempel, S., Stein, C., Unsicker, S.B., Renker, C., Auge, H., Weisser, W.W., Buscot, F. (2009):
Specific bottom-up effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi across a plant-herbivore-parasitoid system
Oecologia 160 (2), 267 - 277
full text (doi)
2753 Kahmen, A., Renker, C., Unsicker, S.B., Buchmann, N. (2006):
Niche complementarity for nitrogen: an explanation for the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relationship?
Ecology 87 (5), 1244 - 1255
full text (doi)
3489 Kaldorf, M., Renker, C., Buscot, F., Lüttge, U. (2005):
Tracing the behaviour of plants in ecosystems: how can molecular ecology help?
In: Esser, K., Beyschlag, W., Murata, J. (eds.)
Progress in Botany 66
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 392 - 408
4222 Kaldorf, M., Renker, C., Fladung, M., Buscot, F. (2004):
Characterization and spatial distribution of ectomycorrhizas colonizing aspen clones released in an experimental field
Mycorrhiza 14 (5), 295 - 306
full text (doi)
3499 Kellner, H., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2005):
Species diversity within Morchella esculenta group (Ascomycota: Morchellaceae) in Germany and France
Org. Divers. Evol. 5 (2), 101 - 107
full text (doi)
3534 Köhler, G., Renker, C. (2005):
Schaben (Insecta: Blattoptera) in Thüringen - eine faunistische Zusammenschau
Thüringer Faunistische Abhandlungen 10 , 103 - 136
2788 Köhler, G., Renker, C. (2006):
Verteilung, Morphometrie und Fitness der Farbmorphen in Wildpopulationen von Chorthippus parallelus (Zetterstedt) (Caelifera: Acrididae)
Articulata 21 (1), 59 - 75
10195 König, S., Wubet, T., Dormann, C.F., Hempel, S., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2010):
TaqMan real-time PCR assays to assess arbuscular mycorrhizal responses to field manipulation of grassland biodiversity: effects of soil characteristics, plant species richness, and functional traits
Appl. Environ. Microb. 76 (12), 3765 - 3775
full text (doi)
13651 Milcu, A., Allan, E., Roscher, C., Jenkin, T., Meyer, S.T., Flynn, D.F.B., Bessler, H., Buscot, F., Engels, C., Gubsch, M., König, S., Lipowsky, A., Loranger, J., Renker, C., Scherber, C., Schmid, B., Thébault, E., Wubet, T., Weisser, W.W., Scheu, S., Eisenhauer, N. (2013):
Functionally and phylogenetically diverse plant communities key to soil biota
Ecology 94 (8), 1878 - 1885
full text (doi)
5136 Renker, C., Alphei, J., Buscot, F. (2003):
Soil nematodes associated with the mammal pathogenic fungal genus Malassezia (Basidiomycota: Ustilaginomycetes) in Central European forests
Biol. Fert. Soils 37 (1), 70 - 72
full text (doi)
2190 Renker, C., Błaszkowski, J., Buscot, F. (2007):
Paraglomus laccatum comb. nov. - a new member of Paraglomeraceae (Glomeromycota)
Nova Hedwigia 84 (3-4), 395 - 407
full text (doi)
4455 Renker, C., Blanke, V., Börstler, B., Heinrichs, J., Buscot, F. (2004):
Diversity of Cryptococcus and Dioszegia yeasts (Basidiomycota) inhabiting arbuscular mycorrhizal roots or spores
FEMS Yeast Res. 4 (6), 597 - 603
full text (doi)
3712 Renker, C., Blanke, V., Buscot, F. (2005):
Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in grassland spontaneously developed on area polluted by a fertilizer plant
Environ. Pollut. 135 (2), 255 - 266
full text (doi)
5135 Renker, C., Heinrichs, J., Kaldorf, M., Buscot, F. (2003):
Combining nested PCR and restriction digest of the internal transcribed spacer region to characterize arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on roots from the field
Mycorrhiza 13 (4), 191 - 198
full text (doi)
5910 Renker, C., Heinrichs, J., Pröschold, T., Groth, H., Holz, I. (2002):
ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA support the generic placement and the disjunct range of Plagiochila (Adelanthus) carringtonii
Cryptogam. Bryol. 23 (1), 23 - 29
full text (doi)
3713 Renker, C., Otto, P., Schneider, K., Zimdars, B., Maraun, M., Buscot, F. (2005):
Oribatid mites as potential vectors for soil microfungi: study of mite-associated fungal species
Microb. Ecol. 50 (4), 518 - 528
full text (doi)
2939 Renker, C., Weißhuhn, K., Kellner, H., Buscot, F. (2006):
Rationalizing molecular analysis of field-collected roots for assessing diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: to pool, or not to pool, that is the question
Mycorrhiza 16 (8), 525 - 531
full text (doi)
5957 Rycroft, D.S., Cole, W.J., Heinrichs, J., Groth, H., Renker, C., Pröschold, T. (2002):
Phytochemical, morphological, and molecular evidence for the occurrence of the neotropical liverwort Plagiochila stricta in the Canary Islands, new to Macaronesia
Bryologist 105 (3), 363 - 372
full text (doi)
12577 Sabais, A.C.W., Eisenhauer, N., König, S., Renker, C., Buscot, F., Scheu, S. (2012):
Soil organisms shape the competition between grassland plant species
Oecologia 170 (4), 1021 - 1032
full text (doi)
3774 Schneider, K., Renker, C., Maraun, M. (2005):
Oribatid mite (Acari, Oribatida) feeding on ectomycorrhizal fungi
Mycorrhiza 16 (1), 67 - 72
full text (doi)
3820 Staudenrausch, S., Kaldorf, M., Renker, C., Luis, P., Buscot, F. (2005):
Diversity of the ectomycorrhiza community at a uranium mining heap
Biol. Fert. Soils 41 (6), 439 - 446
full text (doi)
635 Stein, C., Rißmann, C., Hempel, S., Renker, C., Buscot, F., Prati, D., Auge, H. (2009):
Interactive effects of mycorrhizae and a root hemiparasite on plant community productivity and diversity
Oecologia 159 (1), 191 - 205
full text (doi)
2375 Turnau, K., Henriques, F.S., Anielska, T., Renker, C., Buscot, F. (2007):
Metal uptake and detoxification mechanisms in Erica andevalensis growing in a pyrite mine tailing
Environ. Exp. Bot. 61 (2), 117 - 123
full text (doi)
12107 Unsicker, S.B., Franzke, A., Specht, J., Köhler, G., Linz, J., Renker, C., Stein, C., Weisser, W.W. (2010):
Plant species richness in montane grasslands affects the fitness of a generalist grasshopper species
Ecology 91 (4), 1083 - 1091
full text (doi)
3852 Unsicker, S.B., Renker, C., Kahmen, A., Spindler, S., Buchmann, N., Weisser, W.W. (2005):
Testing the efficiency of three 15N-labeled nitrogen compounds for indirect labeling of grasshoppers via plants in the field
Entomol. Exp. Appl. 116 (3), 219 - 226
full text (doi)
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