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2581 Deutsch, B., Mewes, M., Liskow, I., Voss, M. (2006):
Quantification of diffuse nitrate inputs into a small river system using stable isotopes of oxygen and nitrogen in nitrate
Org. Geochem. 37 (10), 1333 - 1342
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5866 Nitzsche, H.M., Schlosser, D., Knappe, S., Gläßer, W., Harting, P. (2002):
Studies of the development of carbon dioxide in a lysimeter
In: Kühl, S., Voss, M., Brabec, S., Böye, S., Deutsch, B., Hoffmann, C., Fellerhof, C., Liskow, I. (eds.)
Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stabile Isotope 2002, Warnemünde, 25.-27.9.2002
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