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13530 Connolly, J., Bell, T., Bolger, T., Brophy, C., Carnus, T., Finn, J.A., Kirwan, L., Isbell, F., Levine, J., Lüscher, A., Picasso, V., Roscher, C., Sebastia, M.T., Suter, M., Weigelt, A. (2013):
An improved model to predict the effects of changing biodiversity levels on ecosystem function

J. Ecol. 101 (2), 344 - 355
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1848 Hector, A., Joshi, J., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmid, B., Spehn, E.M., Wacker, L., Weilenmann, M., Bazeley-White, E., Beierkuhnlein, C., Caldeira, M.C., Dimitrakopoulos, P.G., Finn, J.A., Huss-Danell, K., Jumpponen, A., Leadley, P.W., Loreau, M., Mulder, C.P.H., Neßhöver, C., Palmborg, C., Read, D.J., Siamantziouras, A.S.D., Terry, A.C., Troumbis, A.Y. (2007):
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: reconciling the results of experimental and observational studies
Funct. Ecol. 21 (5), 998 - 1002
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