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1275 Ohl, C., Lexer, W., Stickler, T., Risnoveanu, G., Geamana, N., Beckenkamp, M., Fiorini, S., Fischer, A., Dumortier, M., Casaer, J. (2008):
Governing biodiversity: procedural and distributional fairness in social dilemmas
12th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Commons "Governing shared resources: connecting local experience to global challenges", Cheltenham/UK, 14-18 July 2008
19657 Turkelboom, F., Leone, M., Jacobs, S., Kelemen, E., García-Llorente, M., Baró, F., Termansen, M., Barton, D.N., Berry, P., Stange, E., Thoonen, M., Kalóczkai, A., Vadineanu, A., Castro, A.J., Czúcz, B., Röckmann, C., Wurbs, D., Odee, D., Preda, E., Gómez-Baggethun, E., Rusch, G.M., Martínez Pastur, G., Palomo, I., Dick, J., Casaer, J., van Dijk, J., Priess, J.A., Langemeyer, J., Mustajoki, J., Kopperoinen, L., Baptist, M.J., Peri, P.L., Mukhopadhyay, R., Aszalós, R., Roy, S.B., Luque, S., Rusch, V. (2018):
When we cannot have it all: Ecosystem services trade-offs in the context of spatial planning
Ecosyst. Serv. 29 (Part C), 566 - 578
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21966 Vicente, J., Apollonio, M., Blanco-Aguiar, J.A., Borowik, T., Brivio, F., Casaer, J., Croft, S., Ericsson, G., Ferroglio, E., Gavier-Widen, D., Gortázar, C., Jansen, P.A., Keuling, O., Kowalczyk, R., Petrovic, K., Plhal, R., Podgórski, T., Sange, M., Scandura, M., Schmidt, K., Smith, G.C., Soriguer, R., Thulke, H.-H., Zanet, S., Acevedo, P. (2019):
Science-based wildlife disease response
Science 364 (6444), 943 - 944
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