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18830 Cabral, I., Costa, S., Weiland, U., Bonn, A. (2017):
Urban gardens as multifunctional nature-based solutions for societal goals in a changing climate
In: Kabisch, N., Bonn, A., Korn, H., Stadler, J. (eds.)
Nature‐based solutions to climate change adaptation in urban areas: linkages between science, policy and practice
Theory and Practice of Urban Sustainability Transitions
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 237 - 253
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18460 Cabral, I., Keim, J., Engelmann, R., Kraemer, R., Siebert, J., Bonn, A. (2017):
Ecosystem services of allotment and community gardens: A Leipzig, Germany case study
Urban For. Urban Green. 23 , 44 - 53
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18958 Cabral, I., Keim, J., Engelmann, R., Kraemer, R., Siebert, J., Wolf, F., Banzhaf, E., Bonn, A. (2017):
Assessing the contribution of urban gardens to ecosystem services and biodiversity in the city of Leipzig
In: Kabisch, N., Stadler, J., Duffield, S., Korn, H., Bonn, A. (eds.)
Proceedings of the European Conference “Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change in Urban Areas and their Rural Surroundings“ Bonn, Germany, 17-19 November 2015
BfN-Skripten 456
Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN), Bonn, p. 68 - 69
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