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17844 Henle, K., Andres, C., Bernhard, D., Grimm, A., Stoev, P., Tzankov, N., Schlegel, M. (2017):
Are species genetically more sensitive to habitat fragmentation on the periphery of their range compared to the core? A case study on the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis)
Landsc. Ecol. 32 (1), 131 - 145
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23153 Nemitz-Kliemchen, M., Andres, C., Hofmann, S., Prieto Ramírez, A.M., Stoev, P., Tzankov, N., Schaffer, S., Bernhard, D., Henle, K., Schlegel, M. (2020):
Spatial and genetic structure of a Lacerta viridis metapopulation in a fragmented landscape in Bulgaria
Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 23 , e01104
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