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25010 Aalizadeh, R., Alygizakis, N.A., Schymanski, E.L., Krauss, M., Schulze, T., Ibáñez, M., McEachran, A.D., Chao, A., Williams, A.J., Gago-Ferrero, P., Covaci, A., Moschet, C., Young, T.M., Hollender, J., Slobodnik, J., Thomaidis, N.S. (2021):
Development and application of liquid chromatographic retention time indices in HRMS-based suspect and nontarget screening
Anal. Chem. 93 (33), 11601 - 11611
full text (doi)
15722 Altenburger, R., Ait-Aissa, S., Antczak, P., Backhaus, T., Barceló, D., Seiler, T.-B., Brion, F., Busch, W., Chipman, K., López de Alda, M., De Aragão Umbuzeiro, G., Escher, B.I., Falciani, F., Faust, M., Focks, A., Hilscherova, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Jäger, F., Jahnke, A., Kortenkamp, A., Krauss, M., Lemkine, G.F., Munthe, J., Neumann, S., Schymanski, E.L., Scrimshaw, M., Segner, H., Slobodnik, J., Smedes, F., Kughathas, S., Teodorovic, I., Tindall, A.J., Tollefsen, K.E., Walz, K.-H., Williams, T.D., van den Brink, P.J., van Gils, J., Vrana, B., Zhang, X., Brack, W. (2015):
Future water quality monitoring — Adapting tools to deal with mixtures of pollutants in water resource management
Sci. Total Environ. 512-513 , 540 - 551
full text (doi)
9745 Altenburger, R., Berns, A.E., Bittens, M., Brack, W., Burauel, P., Centler, F., Daus, B., Goss, K.-U., Harms, H., Kopinke, F.-D., Kühnel, D., Liess, M., Mackenzie, K., Miltner, A., Thullner, M., Wennrich, R., Wick, L.Y. (2010):
Chemicals in the environment (CITE). Report of the First Annual Conference of the Helmholtz research topic CITE
UWSF 22 (4), 502 - 506
full text (doi)
21602 Altenburger, R., Brack, W., Burgess, R.M., Busch, W., Escher, B.I., Focks, A., Hewitt, L.M., Jacobsen, B.N., López de Alda, M., Ait-Aissa, S., Backhaus, T., Ginebreda, A., Hilscherová, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Neale, P.A., Schulze, T., Schymanski, E.L., Teodorovic, I., Tindall, A.J., De Aragão Umbuzeiro, G., Vrana, B., Zonja, B., Krauss, M. (2019):
Future water quality monitoring: improving the balance between exposure and toxicity assessments of real-world pollutant mixtures
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 12
full text (doi)
2448 Altenburger, R., Brack, W., Greco, W.R., Grote, M., Jung, K., Ovari, A., Riedl, J., Schwab, K., Küster, E. (2006):
On the mode of action of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine in plants
Environ. Sci. Technol. 40 (19), 6163 - 6169
full text (doi)
4683 Altenburger, R., Brack, W., Grote, M., Moschütz, S., Paschke, A., Schirmer, K., Walter, H., Wenzel, K., Schüürmann, G. (2003):
Identifizierung und Analyse des ökotoxikologischen Potentials von Flußsedimenten als Folge der durch Hochwasser mobilisierten Kontaminationen
Schadstoffbelastung im Mulde- und Elbe-Einzugsgebiet nach dem Augusthochwasser 2002,
Ergebnisse und Forschungsbedarf, Tagungsband. Statusseminar des BMBF-Ad-hoc-Verbundprojektes, Freiberg, 27.-29. August 2003

UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Magdeburg, p. 9 - 12
19970 Altenburger, R., Scholze, M., Busch, W., Escher, B.I., Jakobs, G., Krauss, M., Krüger, J., Neale, P.A., Ait-Aissa, S., Almeida, A.C., Seiler, T.-B., Brion, F., Hilscherová, K., Hollert, H., Novák, J., Schlichting, R., Serra, H., Shao, Y., Tindall, A., Tolefsen, K.-E., Umbuzeiro, G., Williams, T.D., Kortenkamp, A. (2018):
Mixture effects in samples of multiple contaminants – An inter-laboratory study with manifold bioassays
Environ. Int. 114 , 95 - 106
full text (doi)
21809 Alygizakis, N.A., Oswald, P., Thomaidis, N.S., Schymanski, E.L., Aalizadeh, R., Schulze, T., Oswaldova, M., Slobodnik, J. (2019):
NORMAN digital sample freezing platform: A European virtual platform to exchange liquid chromatography high resolution-mass spectrometry data and screen suspects in “digitally frozen” environmental samples
Trac-Trends Anal. Chem. 115 , 129 - 137
full text (doi)
11659 Artigas, J., Arts, G., Babut, M., Caracciolo, A.B., Charles, S., Chaumot, A., Combourieu, B., Dahllöf, I., Despréaux, D., Ferrari, B., Friberg, N., Garric, J., Geffard, O., Gourlay-Francé, C., Hein, M., Hjorth, M., Krauss, M., De Lange, H.J., Lahr, J., Lehtonen, K.K., Lettieri, T., Liess, M., Lofts, S., Mayer, P., Morin, S., Paschke, A., Svendsen, C., Usseglio-Polatera, P., van den Brink, N., Vindimian, E., Williams, R. (2012):
Towards a renewed research agenda in ecotoxicology
Environ. Pollut. 160 (1), 201 - 206
full text (doi)
22109 Aslam, S.N., Huber, C., Asimakopoulos, A.G., Steinnes, E., Mikkelsen, Ø. (2019):
Trace elements and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in terrestrial compartments of Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic
Sci. Total Environ. 685 , 1127 - 1138
full text (doi)
22607 Backhaus, T., Brack, W., van den Brink, P.J., Deutschmann, B., Hollert, H., Posthuma, L., Segner, H., Seiler, T.-B., Teodorovic, I., Focks, A. (2019):
Assessing the ecological impact of chemical pollution on aquatic ecosystems requires the systematic exploration and evaluation of four lines of evidence
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 98
full text (doi)
14743 Bahlmann, A., Brack, W., Schneider, R.J., Krauss, M. (2014):
Carbamazepine and its metabolites in wastewater: Analytical pitfalls and occurrence in Germany and Portugal
Water Res. 57 , 104 - 114
full text (doi)
16311 Bahlmann, A., Lochen, T., Schulze, T., Kirschner, A., Brack, W., Schneider, R.J., Krauss, M. (2015):
Chemical and immunochemical analysis of anthropogenic markers and contaminants
In: Liška, I., Wagner, F., Sengl, M., Deutsch, K., Slobodník, J. (eds.)
Joint Danube Survey 3 : a comprehensive analysis of Danube water quality
International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), Vienna, p. 277 - 283
1626 Bakker, J.F., Belzunce-Segarra, M.J., Castro, R., van de Heuvel-Greve, M., Klamer, H.J.C., Brack, W., Altenburger, R., Poulsen, V., Thomas, K.V., Leonards, P.E.G. (2007):
Effect directed analysis and toxicity identification evaluation
In: Barceló, D., Petrovic, M. (eds.)
Sediment quality and impact assessment of pollutants
Sustainable Management of Sediment Resources Vol. 1
Elsevier, Amsterdam, p. 163 - 214
full text (doi)
9771 Bandow, N., Altenburger, R., Brack, W. (2010):
Application of nd-SPME to determine freely dissolved concentrations in the presence of green algae and algae-water partition coefficients
Chemosphere 79 (11), 1070 - 1076
full text (doi)
33 Bandow, N., Altenburger, R., Lübcke-von Varel, U., Paschke, A., Streck, G., Brack, W. (2009):
Partitioning-based dosing: an approach to include bioavailability in the effect-directed analysis of contaminated sediment samples
Environ. Sci. Technol. 43 (10), 3891 - 3896
full text (doi)
34 Bandow, N., Altenburger, R., Streck, G., Brack, W. (2009):
Effect-directed analysis of contaminated sediments with partition-based dosing using green algae cell multiplication inhibition
Environ. Sci. Technol. 43 (19), 7343 - 7349
full text (doi)
19389 Bataineh, M., Arabi, A.A., Iqbal, J., Howari, F.M., Brack, W. (2017):
Method development for selective and nontargeted identification of nitro compounds in diesel particulate matter
Energy Fuels 31 (11), 11615 - 11626
full text (doi)
9776 Bataineh, M., Lübcke-von Varel, U., Hayen, H., Brack, W. (2010):
HPLC/APCI-FTICR-MS as a tool for identification of partial polar mutagenic compounds in effect-directed analysis
J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 21 (6), 1016 - 1027
full text (doi)
2481 Bataineh, M., Nolte, J., Kuhlmann, B., Zullei-Seibert, N., Borges, M., Grote, M. (2006):
Degradation behavior of selected pharmaceuticals and their main metabolites in model systems for slow sand filtration
Curr. Pharm. Anal. 2 (3), 313 - 322
full text (doi)
2480 Bataineh, M., Scott, A.C., Fedorak, P.M., Martin, J.W. (2006):
Capillary HPLC/QTOF-MS for characterizing complex naphthenic acid mixtures and their microbial transformation
Anal. Chem. 78 (24), 8354 - 8361
full text (doi)
23381 Becker, J.M., Ganatra, A.A., Kandie, F., Mühlbauer, L., Ahlheim, J., Brack, W., Torto, B., Agola, E.L., McOdimba, F., Hollert, H., Fillinger, U., Liess, M. (2020):
Author correction: Pesticide pollution in freshwater paves the way for schistosomiasis transmission
Sci. Rep. 10 , art. 6218
full text (doi)
22863 Becker, J.M., Ganatra, A.A., Kandie, F., Mühlbauer, L., Ahlheim, J., Brack, W., Torto, B., Agola, E.L., McOdimba, F., Hollert, H., Fillinger, U., Liess, M. (2020):
Pesticide pollution in freshwater paves the way for schistosomiasis transmission
Sci. Rep. 10 , art. 3650
full text (doi)
23032 Beckers, L.-M., Brack, W., Dann, J.P., Krauss, M., Müller, E., Schulze, T. (2020):
Unraveling longitudinal pollution patterns of organic micropollutants in a river by non-target screening and cluster analysis
Sci. Total Environ. 727 , art. 138388
full text (doi)
19926 Beckers, L.-M., Busch, W., Krauss, M., Schulze, T., Brack, W. (2018):
Characterization and risk assessment of seasonal and weather dynamics in organic pollutant mixtures from discharge of a separate sewer system
Water Res. 135 , 122 - 133
full text (doi)
1648 Benskin, J.P., Bataineh, M., Martin, J.W. (2007):
Simultaneous characterization of perfluoroalkyl carboxylate, sulfonate, and sulfonamide isomers by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Anal. Chem. 79 (17), 6455 - 6464
full text (doi)
3974 Berkner, S., Streck, G., Herrmann, R. (2004):
Development and validation of a method for determination of trace levels of alkylphenols and bisphenol A in atmospheric samples
Chemosphere 54 (4), 575 - 584
full text (doi)
23663 Blanc, M., Cormier, B., Hyötyläinen, T., Krauss, M., Scherbak, N., Cousin, X., Keiter, S.H. (2020):
Multi- and transgenerational effects following early-life exposure of zebrafish to permethrin and coumarin 47: Impact on growth, fertility, behavior and lipid metabolism
Ecotox. Environ. Safe. 205 , art. 111348
full text (doi)
22376 Bloch, R., Schütze, S.-E., Müller, E., Röder, S., Lehmann, I., Brack, W., Krauss, M. (2019):
Non-targeted mercapturic acid screening in urine using LC-MS/MS with matrix effect compensation by postcolumn infusion of internal standard (PCI-IS)
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 411 (29), 7771 - 7781
full text (doi)
2539 Böhmler, G., Brack, W., Gareis, M., Goehrlich, R. (2006):
Von der Wirkung zur Substanz: Wirkungsbezogene Analytik als neue Untersuchungsstrategie in der Lebensmittelkontrolle
J. Verbr. Lebensm. 1 (4), 294 - 300
full text (doi)
20886 Bopp, S.K., Barouki, R., Brack, W., Dalla Costa, S., Dorne, J.-L.C.M., Drakvik, P.E., Faust, M., Karjalainen, T.K., Kephalopoulos, S., van Klaveren, J., Kolossa-Gehring, M., Kortenkamp, A., Lebret, E., Lettieri, T., Nørager, S., Rüegg, J., Tarazona, J.V., Trier, X., van de Water, B., van Gils, J., Bergman, Å. (2018):
Current EU research activities on combined exposure to multiple chemicals
Environ. Int. 120 , 544 - 562
full text (doi)
10721 Bougeard, C., Gallampois, C., Brack, W. (2011):
Passive dosing: an approach to control mutagen exposure in the Ames fluctuation test
Chemosphere 83 (4), 409 - 414
full text (doi)
2542 Brack, W. (2006):
MODELKEY: Entschlüsselung von Ursache-Wirkungs-Beziehungen für ein besseres Flussgebietsmanagement
Forum der Geoökologie 17 (1), 37 - 39
16667 Brack, W. (2015):
The Challenge: Prioritization of emerging pollutants
Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 34 (10), 2181
full text (doi)
22279 Brack, W. (2019):
Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management. Policy briefs summarizing scientific project results for decision makers. Editorial
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 74
full text (doi)
2544 Brack, W. (2006):
Wirkungsorientierte Analytik komplexer Mischungen. Erfahrungen aus der Umwelt- und Ökotoxikologie für die Lebensmitteluntersuchung
J. Verbr. Lebensm. 1 (4), 301 - 309
full text (doi)
2543 Brack, W. (2006):
MODELKEY: towards a better impact and cause analysis
SETAC Globe 7 (2), 13
11120 Brack, W. (ed., 2011):
Effect-directed analysis of complex environmental contamination
Handbook of Environmental Chemistry Series 15
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 345 pp.
full text (doi)
12708 Brack, W. (2012):
Emerging substances of toxicological concern in a world full of chemicals - the NORMAN way to find the needles in the haystack
Norman Bulletin 2012/3
NORMAN Network, p. 1 - 2
4736 Brack, W. (2003):
Effect-directed analysis: a promising tool for the identification of organic toxicants in complex mixtures?
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 377 (3), 397 - 407
full text (doi)
22115 Brack, W., Ait-Aissa, S., Altenburger, R., Cousins, I., Dulio, V., Escher, B., Focks, A., Ginebreda, A., Hering, D., Hilscherová, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Kortenkamp, A., López de Alda, M., Posthuma, L., Schymanski, E., Segner, H., Slobodnik, J. (2019):
Let us empower the WFD to prevent risks of chemical pollution in European rivers and lakes
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 47
full text (doi)
22282 Brack, W., Ait‑Aissa, S., Backhaus, T., Birk, S., Barceló, D., Burgess, R., Cousins, I., Dulio, V., Escher, B.I., Focks, A., van Gils, J., Ginebreda, A., Hering, D., Hewitt, L.M., Hilscherová, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Köck, M., Kortenkamp, A., López de Alda, M., Müller, C., Posthuma, L., Schüürmann, G., Schymanski, E., Segner, H., Sleeuwaert, F., Slobodnik, J., Teodorovic, I., Umbuzeiro, G., Voulvoulis, N., van Wezel, A., Altenburger, R. (2019):
Strengthen the European collaborative environmental research to meet European policy goals for achieving a sustainable, non‑toxic environment
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 63
full text (doi)
21513 Brack, W., Ait-Aissa, S., Backhaus, T., Dulio, V., Escher, B.I., Faust, M., Hilscherova, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Müller, C., Munthe, J., Posthuma, L., Seiler, T.-B., Slobodnik, J., Teodorovic, I., Tindall, A.J., De Aragão Umbuzeiro, G., Zhang, X., Altenburger, R. (2019):
Effect‑based methods are key. The European Collaborative Project SOLUTIONS recommends integrating effect‑based methods for diagnosis and monitoring of water quality
Environ. Sci. Eur. 31 , art. 10
full text (doi)
16992 Brack, W., Ait-Aissa, S., Burgess, R.M., Busch, W., Creusot, N., Di Paolo, C., Escher, B.I., Hewitt, L.M., Hilscherova, K., Hollender, J., Hollert, H., Jonker, W., Kool, J., Lamoree, M., Muschket, M., Neumann, S., Rostkowski, P., Ruttkies, C., Schollee, J., Schymanski, E.L., Schulze, T., Seiler, T.-B., Tindall, A.J., De Aragão Umbuzeiro, G., Vrana, B., Krauss, M. (2016):
Effect-directed analysis supporting monitoring of aquatic environments — An in-depth overview
Sci. Total Environ. 544 , 1073 - 1118
full text (doi)
21796 Brack, W., Altenburger, R. (2019):
Projekt Solutions: Mikroschadstoffe in europäischen Gewässern
Wasserwirtschaft, Wassertechnik : wwt (4), 15 - 20
5393 Brack, W., Altenburger, R. (2002):
Effektorientierte Identifikation toxischer Verbindungen
Mitteilungen der Fachgruppe Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie / Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker 8 , 6 - 8
7025 Brack, W., Altenburger, R. (2000):
Identifikation giftiger Inhaltsstoffe - ein wichtiger Schritt zur Gefährdungsabschätzung und Sanierung
UFZ-Jahresbericht '98-'99
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, S. 26 - 34
5394 Brack, W., Altenburger, R., Dorusch, F., Hubert, A., Möder, M., Morgenstern, P., Moschütz, S., Mothes, S., Schirmer, K., Wennrich, R., Wenzel, K.-D., Schüürmann, G. (2002):
Hochwasser 2002 - Chemische und toxische Belastung überschwemmter Gemeinden im Raum Bitterfeld
UWSF 14 (4), 213 - 220
full text (doi)
7858 Brack, W., Altenburger, R., Ensenbach, U., Möder, M., Segner, H., Schüürmann, G. (1999):
Bioassay-directed identification of organic toxicants in river sediment in the industrial region of Bitterfeld (Germany) - a contribution to hazard assessment
Arch. Environ. Contam. Toxicol 37 (2), 164 - 174
full text (doi)
7023 Brack, W., Altenburger, R., Ensenbach, U., Nehls, S., Segner, H. (2000):
Biotestorientierte Identifikation toxischer organischer Sedimentinhaltstoffe - Ein Beitrag zur Risikoanalyse komplexer Kontaminationen am Beispiel des Spittelwassers. Mitteilung Nr. 22. Sedimentbewertung in europäischen Flußgebieten. Beiträge zum internationalen Symposium vom 12.-14. April 1999
"Sedimentbewertung in europäischen Flußgebieten", Koblenz, 12.-14.4.1999
Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde, Koblenz, p. 135 - 141
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