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22111 Schleuss, P.-M., Widdig, M., Heintz-Buschart, A., Guhr, A., Martin, S., Kirkman, K., Spohn, M. (2019):
Stoichiometric controls of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling after long-term nitrogen and phosphorus addition in a mesic grassland in South Africa
Soil Biol. Biochem. 135 , 294 - 303
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22810 Schleuss, P.-M., Widdig, M., Heintz-Buschart, A., Kirkman, K., Spohn, M. (2020):
Interactions of nitrogen and phosphorus cycling promote P acquisition and explain synergistic plant growth responses
Ecology 101 (5), e03003
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23732 Widdig, M., Heintz-Buschart, A., Schleuss, P.-M., Guhr, A., Borer, E.T., Seabloom, E.W., Spohn, M. (2020):
Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus addition on microbial community composition and element cycling in a grassland soil
Soil Biol. Biochem. 151 , art. 108041
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