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12287 Buytaert, W., Friesen, J., Liebe, J., Ludwig, R. (2012):
Assessment and management of water resources in developing, semi-arid and arid regions
Water Resour. Manag. 26 (4), 841 - 844
full text (doi)
12844 Cassiani, G., Ursino, N., Deiana, R., Vignoli, G., Boaga, J., Rossi, M., Perri, M.T., Blaschek, M., Duttmann, R., Meyer, S., Ludwig, R., Soddu, A., Dietrich, P., Werban, U. (2012):
Noninvasive monitoring of soil static characteristics and dynamic states: a case study highlighting vegetation effects on agricultural land
Vadose Zone J. 11 (3), 10.2136/vzj2011.0195
full text (doi)
18618 Friesen, J., Rodriguez Sinobas, L., Foglia, L., Ludwig, R. (2017):
Environmental and socio-economic methodologies and solutions towards integrated water resources management
Sci. Total Environ. 581–582 , 906 - 908
full text (doi)
20096 Herrero, A., Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C., Vigiak, O., Lutz, S., Kumar, R., Gampe, D., Huber-García, V., Ludwig, R., Batalla, R., Sabater, S. (2018):
Multiple stressor effects on biological quality elements in the Ebro River: Present diagnosis and predicted responses
Sci. Total Environ. 630 , 1608 - 1618
full text (doi)
23547 Markevych, I., Ludwig, R., Baumbach, C., Standl, M., Heinrich, J., Herberth, G., de Hoogh, K., Pritsch, K., Weikl, F. (2020):
Residing near allergenic trees can increase risk of allergies later in life: LISA Leipzig study
Environ. Res. 191 , art. 110132
full text (doi)
15656 Navarro-Ortega, A., Acuña, V., Bellin, A., Burek, P., Cassiani, G., Choukr-Allah, R., Dolédec, S., Elosegi, A., Ferrari, F., Ginebreda, A., Grathwohl, P., Jones, C., Raultl, P.K., Kok, K., Koundouri, P., Ludwig, R.P., Merz, R., Milacic, R., Muñoz, I., Nikulin, G., Paniconi, C., Paunović, M., Petrovic, M., Sabater, L., Skoulikidis, N.T., Slob, A., Teutsch, G., Voulvoulis, N., Barceló, D. (2015):
Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA project
Sci. Total Environ. 503-504 , 3 - 9
full text (doi)
19335 Vigiak, O., Lutz, S., Mentzafou, A., Chiogna, G., Ye, T., Majone, B., Beck, H., de Roo, A., Malagó, A., Bouraoui, F., Kumar, R., Samaniego, L., Merz, R., Gamvroudis, C., Skoulikidis, N., Nikolaidis, N.P., Bellin, A., Acuňa, V., Mori, N., Ludwig, R., Pistocchi, A. (2018):
Uncertainty of modelled flow regime for flow-ecological assessment in Southern Europe
Sci. Total Environ. 615 , 1028 - 1047
full text (doi)
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