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24825 Balenzano, A., Mattia, F., Satalino, G., Lovergine, F.P., Palmisano, D., Peng, J., Marzahn, P., Wegmüller, U., Cartus, O., Dąbrowska-Zielińska, K., Musial, J.P., Davidson, M.W.J., Pauwels, V.R.N., Cosh, M.H., McNairn, H., Johnson, J.T., Walker, J.P., Yueh, S.H., Entekhabi, D., Kerr, Y.H., Jackson, T.J. (2021):
Sentinel-1 soil moisture at 1 km resolution: a validation study
Remote Sens. Environ. 263 , art. 112554
full text (doi)
24383 Camps-Valls, G., Campos-Taberner, M., Moreno-Martínez, Á., Walther, S., Duveiller, G., Cescatti, A., Mahecha, M.D., Muñoz-Marí, J., García-Haro, F.J., Guanter, L., Jung, M., Gamon, J.A., Reichstein, M., Running, S.W. (2021):
A unified vegetation index for quantifying the terrestrial biosphere
Sci. Adv. 7 (9), eabc7447
full text (doi)
25510 Chen, J., Xing, M., Yu, H., Liang, B., Peng, J., Sun, G.-C. (2021):
Motion compensation/autofocus in airborne synthetic aperture radar: a review
IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett.
full text (doi)
24190 Cortés, J., Mahecha, M.D., Reichstein, M., Myneni, R.B., Chen, C., Brenning, A. (2021):
Where are global vegetation greening and browning trends significant?
Geophys. Res. Lett. 48 (6), e2020GL091496
full text (doi)
24098 Crowhurst, D., Dadson, S., Peng, J., Washington, R. (2021):
Contrasting controls on Congo Basin evaporation at the two rainfall peaks
Clim. Dyn. 56 (5-6), 1609 - 1624
full text (doi)
24727 Cuesta-Valero, F.J., García-García, A., Beltrami, H., Finnis, J. (2021):
First assessment of the earth heat inventory within CMIP5 historical simulations
Earth Syst. Dynam. 12 (2), 581 - 600
full text (doi)
24133 Döpper, V., Panda, S., Waigl, C., Braun, M., Feilhauer, H. (2021):
Using floristic gradient mapping to assess seasonal thaw depth in interior Alaska
Appl. Veg. Sci. 24 (1), e12561
full text (doi)
24819 Estupinan-Suarez, L.M., Gans, F., Brenning, A., Gutierrez–Velez, V.H., Londono, M.C., Pabon–Moreno, D.E., Poveda, G., Reichstein, M., Reu, B., Sierra, C.A., Weber, U., Mahecha, M.D. (2021):
A regional Earth System Data Lab for understanding ecosystem dynamics: An example from tropical South America
Front. Earth Sci. 9 , art. 613395
full text (doi)
23943 Feilhauer, H., Zlinszky, A., Kania, A., Foody, G.M., Doktor, D., Lausch, A., Schmidtlein, S. (2021):
Let your maps be fuzzy!—Class probabilities and floristic gradients as alternatives to crisp mapping for remote sensing of vegetation
Remote Sens. Ecol. Conserv. 7 (2), 292 - 305
full text (doi)
24812 George, J.-P., Yang, W., Kobayashi, H., Biermann, T., Carrara, A., Cremonese, E., Cuntz, M., Fares, S., Gerosa, G., Grünwald, T., Hase, N., Heliasz, M., Ibrom, A., Knohl, A., Kruijt, B., Lange, H., Limousin, J.-M., Loustau, D., Lukeš, P., Marzuoli, R., Mölder, M., Montagnani, L., Neirynck, J., Peichl, M., Rebmann, C., Schmidt, M., Lopez Serrano, F.R., Soudani, K., Vincke, C., Pisek, J. (2021):
Method comparison of indirect assessments of understory leaf area index (LAIu): A case study across the extended network of ICOS forest ecosystem sites in Europe
Ecol. Indic. 128 , art. 107841
full text (doi)
25447 Hase, N., Doktor, D., Rebmann, C., Dechant, B., Mollenhauer, H., Cuntz, M. (2022):
Identifying the main drivers of the seasonal decline of near-infrared reflectance of a temperate deciduous forest
Agric. For. Meteorol. 313 , art. 108746
full text (doi)
25084 Helsen, K., Bassi, L., Feilhauer, H., Kattenborn, T., Matsushima, H., Van Cleemput, E., Somers, B., Honnay, O. (2021):
Evaluating different methods for retrieving intraspecific leaf trait variation from hyperspectral leaf reflectance
Ecol. Indic. 130 , art. 108111
full text (doi)
24551 Hermanns, F., Pohl, F., Rebmann, C., Schulz, G., Werban, U., Lausch, A. (2021):
Inferring grassland drought stress with unsupervised learning from airborne hyperspectral VNIR imagery
Remote Sens. 13 (10), art. 1885
full text (doi)
24824 Huang, J., Zhang, Y., Bing, H., Peng, J., Dong, F., Gao, J., Arhonditsis, G.B. (2021):
Characterizing the river water quality in China: Recent progress and on-going challenges
Water Res. 201 , art. 117309
full text (doi)
25259 Ji, C., Bachmann, M., Esch, T., Feilhauer, H., Heiden, U., Heldens, W., Hueni, A., Lakes, T., Metz-Marconcini, A., Schroedter-Homscheidt, M., Weyand, S., Zeidler, J. (2021):
Solar photovoltaic module detection using laboratory and airborne imaging spectroscopy data
Remote Sens. Environ. 266 , art. 112692
full text (doi)
24602 Ji, C., Heiden, U., Lakes, T., Feilhauer, H. (2021):
Are urban material gradients transferable between areas?
Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf. 100 , art. 102332
full text (doi)
24248 Johnson, J.E., Laparra, V., Pérez-Suay, A., Mahecha, M.D., Camps-Valls, G. (2021):
Correction: Kernel methods and their derivatives: Concept and perspectives for the earth system sciences
PLOS One 16 (2), e0246775
full text (doi)
24247 Johnson, J.E., Laparra, V., Pérez-Suay, A., Mahecha, M.D., Camps-Valls, G. (2020):
Kernel methods and their derivatives: Concept and perspectives for the earth system sciences
PLOS One 15 (10), e0235885
full text (doi)
25551 Joswig, J.S., Wirth, C., Schuman, M.C., Kattge, J., Reu, B., Wright, I.J., Sippel, S.D., Rüger, N., Richter, R., Schaepman, M.E., van Bodegom, P.M., Cornelissen, J.H.C., Díaz, S., Hattingh, W.N., Kramer, K., Lens, F., Niinemets, Ü., Reich, P.B., Reichstein, M., Römermann, C., Schrodt, F., Anand, M., Bahn, M., Byun, C., Campetella, G., Cerabolini, B.E.L., Craine, J.M., Gonzalez-Melo, A., Gutiérrez, A.G., He, T., Higuchi, P., Jactel, H., Kraft, N.J.B., Minden, V., Onipchenko, V., Peñuelas, J., Pillar, V.D., Sosinski, E., Soudzilovskaia, N.A., Weiher, E., Mahecha, M.D. (2022):
Climatic and soil factors explain the two-dimensional spectrum of global plant trait variation
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 6 (1), 36 - 50
full text (doi)
25318 Kästner, F., Sut-Lohmann, M., Ramezany, S., Raab, T., Feilhauer, H., Chabrillat, S. (2022):
Estimating heavy metal concentrations in Technosols with reflectance spectroscopy
Geoderma 406 , art. 115512
full text (doi)
24674 Krich, C., Migliavacca, M., Miralles, D.G., Kraemer, G., El-Madany, T.S., Reichstein, M., Runge, J., Mahecha, M.D. (2021):
Functional convergence of biosphere–atmosphere interactions in response to meteorological conditions
Biogeosciences 18 (7), 2379 - 2404
full text (doi)
25523 Li, P., Huang, Q., Leng, G., Peng, J., Wang, H., Zheng, X., Li, Y., Fang, W. (2022):
Various maize yield losses and their dynamics triggered by drought thresholds based on Copula-Bayesian conditional probabilities
Agric. Water Manage. 261 , art. 107391
full text (doi)
25568 Li, Y., Huang, S., Wang, H., Zheng, X., Huang, Q., Deng, M., Peng, J. (2022):
High-resolution propagation time from meteorological to agricultural drought at multiple levels and spatiotemporal scales
Agric. Water Manage. 262 , art. 107428
full text (doi)
25132 Li, Z., Scheffler, D., Coops, N.C., Leach, N., Sachs, T. (2021):
Towards analysis ready data of optical CubeSat images: Demonstrating a hierarchical normalization framework at a wetland site
Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf. 103 , art. 102502
full text (doi)
24827 Ling, X., Huang, Y., Guo, W., Wang, Y., Chen, C., Qiu, B., Ge, J., Qin, K., Xue, Y., Peng, J. (2021):
Comprehensive evaluation of satellite-based and reanalysis soil moisture products using in situ observations over China
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 25 (7), 4209 - 4229
full text (doi)
25519 Linscheid, N., Mahecha, M.D., Rammig, A., Carvalhais, N., Gans, F., Nelson, J.A., Walther, S., Weber, U., Reichstein, M. (2021):
Time-scale dependent relations between Earth observation based proxies of vegetation productivity
Geophys. Res. Lett. 48 (24), e2021GL093285
full text (doi)
24831 Lu, J., Wang, G., Chen, T., Li, S., Hagan, D.F.T., Kattel, G., Peng, J., Jiang, T., Su, B. (2021):
A harmonized global land evaporation dataset from model-based products covering 1980–2017
Earth Syst. Sci. Data 13 (12), 5879 - 5898
full text (doi)
25186 Migliavacca, M., Musavi, T., Mahecha, M.D., Nelson, J.A., Knauer, J., Baldocchi, D.D., Perez-Priego, O., Christiansen, R., Peters, J., Anderson, K., Bahn, M., Black, T.A., Blanken, P.D., Bonal, D., Buchmann, N., Caldararu, S., Carrara, A., Carvalhais, N., Cescatti, A., Chen, J., Cleverly, J., Cremonese, E., Desai, A.R., El-Madany, T.S., Farella, M.M., Fernández-Martínez, M., Filippa, G., Forkel, M., Galvagno, M., Gomarasca, U., Gough, C.M., Göckede, M., Ibrom, A., Ikawa, H., Janssens, I.A., Jung, M., Kattge, J., Keenan, T.F., Knohl, A., Kobayashi, H., Kraemer, G., Law, B.E., Liddell, M.J., Ma, X., Mammarella, I., Martini, D., Macfarlane, C., Matteucci, G., Montagnani, L., Pabon-Moreno, D.E., Panigada, C., Papale, D., Pendall, E., Penuelas, J., Phillips, R.P., Reich, P.B., Rossini, M., Rotenberg, E., Scott, R.L., Stahl, C., Weber, U., Wohlfahrt, G., Wolf, S., Wright, I.J., Yakir, D., Zaehle, S., Reichstein, M. (2021):
The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function
Nature 598 (7881), 468 - 472
full text (doi)
25565 Orth, R., O, S., Zscheischler, J., Mahecha, M.D., Reichstein, M. (2022):
Contrasting biophysical and societal impacts of hydro-meteorological extremes
Environ. Res. Lett. 17 (1), art. 014044
full text (doi)
23888 Peng, J., Albergel, C., Balenzano, A., Brocca, L., Cartus, O., Cosh, M.H., Crow, W.T., Dabrowska-Zielinska, K., Dadson, S., Davidson, M.W.J., de Rosnay, P., Dorigo, W., Gruber, A., Hagemann, S., Hirschi, M., Kerr, Y.H., Lovergine, F., Mahecha, M.D., Marzahn, P., Mattia, F., Musial, J.P., Preuschmann, S., Reichle, R.H., Satalino, G., Silgram, M., van Bodegom, P.M., Verhoest, N.E.C., Wagner, W., Walker, J.P., Wegmüller, U., Loew, A. (2021):
A roadmap for high-resolution satellite soil moisture applications – confronting product characteristics with user requirements
Remote Sens. Environ. 252 , art. 112162
full text (doi)
24984 Peng, J., Tanguy, M., Robinson, E.L., Pinnington, E., Evans, J., Ellis, R., Cooper, E., Hannaford, J., Blyth, E., Dadson, S. (2021):
Estimation and evaluation of high-resolution soil moisture from merged model and Earth observation data in the Great Britain
Remote Sens. Environ. 264 , art. 112610
full text (doi)
24546 Pinnington, E., Amezcua, J., Cooper, E., Dadson, S., Ellis, R., Peng, J., Robinson, E., Morrison, R., Osborne, S., Quaife, T. (2021):
Improving soil moisture prediction of a high-resolution land surface model by parameterising pedotransfer functions through assimilation of SMAP satellite data
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 25 (3), 1617 - 1641
full text (doi)
24384 Pisek, J., Erb, A., Korhonen, L., Biermann, T., Carrara, A., Cremonese, E., Cuntz, M., Fares, S., Gerosa, G., Grünwald, T., Hase, N., Heliasz, M., Ibrom, A., Knohl, A., Kobler, J., Kruijt, B., Lange, H., Leppänen, L., Limousin, J.-M., Lopez Serrano, F.R., Loustau, D., Lukeš, P., Lundin, L., Marzuoli, R., Mölder, M., Montagnani, L., Neirynck, J., Peichl, M., Rebmann, C., Rubio, E., Santos-Reis, M., Schaaf, C., Schmidt, M., Simioni, G., Soudani, K., Vincke, C. (2021):
Retrieval and validation of forest background reflectivity from daily Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) data across European forests
Biogeosciences 18 (2), 621 - 635
full text (doi)
25613 Rink, K., Sen, Ö.O., Hannemann, M., Ködel, U., Nixdorf, E., Weber, U., Werban, U., Schrön, M., Kalbacher, T., Kolditz, O. (2021):
A virtual geographic environment for the exploration of hydro-meteorological extremes
In: Dutta, S., Feige, K., Rink, K., Zeckzer, D. (eds.)
Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis)
The Eurographics Association, Geneva, p. 51 - 59
full text (doi)
24622 Skidmore, A.K., Coops, N.C., Neinavaz, E., Ali, A., Schaepman, M.E., Paganini, M., Kissling, W.D., Vihervaara, P., Darvishzadeh, R., Feilhauer, H., Fernandez, M., Fernández, N., Gorelick, N., Geizendorffer, I., Heiden, U., Heurich, M., Hobern, D., Holzwarth, S., Muller-Karger, F.E., Van De Kerchove, R., Lausch, A., Leitãu, P.J., Lock, M.C., Mücher, C.A., O’Connor, B., Rocchini, D., Roeoesli, C., Turner, W., Vis, J.K., Wang, T., Wegmann, M., Wingate, V. (2021):
Priority list of biodiversity metrics to observe from space
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 5 (7), 896 - 906
full text (doi)
25184 Su, Z., Ma, Y., Chen, X., Dong, X., Du, J., Han, C., He, Y., Hofste, J.G., Li, M., Li, M., Lv, S., Ma, W., Polo, M.J., Peng, J., Qian, H., Sobrino, J., van der Velde, R., Wen, J., Wang, B., Wang, X., Yu, L., Zhang, P., Zhao, H., Zheng, H., Zheng, D., Zhong, L., Zeng, Y. (2021):
Monitoring water and energy cycles at climate scale in the Third Pole Environment (CLIMATE-TPE)
Remote Sens. 13 (18), art. 3661
full text (doi)
24826 Wang, Y., Leng, P., Ma, J., Peng, J. (2021):
A method for downscaling satellite soil moisture based on land surface temperature and net surface shortwave radiation
IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett. 19 , art. 3002105
full text (doi)
25183 Xing, Z., Fan, L., Zhao, L., De Lannoy, G., Frappart, F., Peng, J., Li, X., Zeng, J., Al-Yaari, A., Yang, K., Zhao, T., Shi, J., Wang, M., Liu, X., Hu, G., Xiao, Y., Du, E., Li, R., Qiao, Y., Shi, J., Wen, J., Ma, M., Wigneron, J.-P. (2021):
A first assessment of satellite and reanalysis estimates of surface and root-zone soil moisture over the permafrost region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Remote Sens. Environ. 265 , art. 112666
full text (doi)
24547 Yu, L., Leng, G., Python, A., Peng, J. (2021):
A comprehensive evaluation of latest GPM IMERG V06 early, late and final precipitation products across China
Remote Sens. 13 (6), art. 1208
full text (doi)
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