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14521 Binzenhöfer, B., Schröder, B., Strauss, B., Biedermann, R., Settele, J. (2005):
Habitat models and habitat connectivity analysis for butterflies and burnet moths - the example of Zygaena carniolica and Coenonympha arcania
In: Kühn, E., Feldmann, R., Thomas, J., Settele, J. (eds.)
Studies on the ecology and conservation of butterflies in Europe. Vol. 1. General concepts and case studies. Conference proceedings, UFZ Leipzig-Halle, 5-9th December 2005, Leipzig
Pensoft Series Faunistica 52
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 7 - 8
309 Kattwinkel, M., Strauss, B., Biedermann, R., Kleyer, M. (2009):
Modelling multi-species response to landscape dynamics: mosaic cycles support urban biodiversity
Landsc. Ecol. 24 (7), 929 - 941
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584 Schröder, B., Strauss, B., Biedermann, R., Binzenhöfer, B., Settele, J. (2009):
Predictive species distribution modelling in butterflies
In: Settele, J., Shreeve, T., Konvička, M., Van Dyck, H. (eds.)
Ecology of butterflies in Europe
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, p. 62 - 77
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