WP2: Functional Zone processes

This WP quantifies mobilisation, transport, and transformation of the target substances in the identified functional zones. For the target substances the unsaturated, hyporheic and riparian zones and surface waters are believed to be key zones, where these processes occur. Studies focus on the turnover and mobilisation of matter within soils (e.g. C, N) and feedbacks to the atmosphere, DOC mobilisation from different carbon pools, the dynamics of water flow through the unsaturated zone including soil-plant interactions, the subsequent transformations of redox-sensitive species in the hyporheic and riparian zones as well as transformations in receiving surface waters (e.g. reservoirs).

To obtain results that can be generalised, field measurements at specific sites are combined with systematic laboratory experiments and explorative simulation of dominant processes within the distinct environmental compartments.


C Schmidt Dr. Christian Schmidt
Department of Hydrogeology
UFZ Leipzig