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DOI 10.1080/09654310802315765
Titel (primär) Guidelines for the "Perfect Inner City". Discussing the appropriateness of monitoring approaches for reurbanization
Autor Haase, D.; Haase, A.; Kabisch, S.; Bischoff, P.
Quelle European Planning Studies
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
Department CLE; SUSOZ
Band/Volume 16
Heft 8
Seite von 1075
Seite bis 1100
Sprache englisch
Abstract In this paper, we analyse the appropriateness of monitoring approaches for the observation of inner-city reurbanization processes. Reurbanization is conceptualized here as a process of long-term stabilization of inner-city areas by both a readiness of present residents to stay and an influx of new residents. It has been recently re-set on the top of the European urban research agenda since non-growth has proved to be a major path of future development for many European cities. Recent research evidence across Europe underscores the fact that reurbanization depends much on local settings of institutional, socio-economic and infrastructural factors. To foster a clearer understanding of the nature and dynamics of local reurbanization, to assess its extent and progress and, what is more, to help practitioners to shape sustainable policy initiatives appropriate to the respective context, reurbanization needs to be observed over the long term. The complex character of reurbanization sets new challenges for monitoring approaches and indicator-based tools. Due to the genuine relation of the present debate on reurbanization to the phenomenon of non-growth or the return of the compact city, the focus in this paper is set on demographic development trends and their impact on inner-city change. In this vein, our paper presents a monitoring design and a respective newly developed indicator set for reurbanization which focuses more on the initial recognition of reurbanization than on its long-term stability. Methodically, chances and limits of the integration of household-related indicators and qualitative knowledge on reurbanization into monitoring tools are highlighted. Empirical and statistical evidence is taken from a recently completed EU FP 5 research project and from municipal surveys.
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Haase, D., Haase, A., Kabisch, S., Bischoff, P. (2008):
Guidelines for the "Perfect Inner City". Discussing the appropriateness of monitoring approaches for reurbanization
Eur. Plan. Stud. 16 (8), 1075 - 1100 10.1080/09654310802315765