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DOI 10.1016/j.talanta.2010.03.054
Titel (primär) Detection of arsenic-containing hydrocarbons in canned cod liver tissue
Autor Arroyo-Abad, U.; Mattusch, J.; Mothes, S.; Möder, M.; Wennrich, R.; Elizalde-González, M.P.; Matysik, F.-M.
Quelle Talanta
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Department ANA
Band/Volume 82
Heft 1
Seite von 38
Seite bis 43
Sprache englisch
Keywords Speciation; Arsenolipids; Hyphenated techniques; Gas chromatography; TOF-MS; Cod liver tissue
Abstract Arsenic is a metalloid well known to be potentially toxic depending of its species. Lipid-soluble arsenicals (arsenolipids) are present in a wide range of biological samples in which they could play a role in the biosynthesis of organoarsenic compounds from inorganic arsenic compounds. Arsenolipids have recently attracted considerable interest. In order to gain deeper insights into the impact of arsenolipids new analytical approaches for reliable determination of this class of arsenic-containing hydrocarbons in various matrices are needed. High concentrations of arsenolipids were found in seafood which served as sample material in this study. We report the investigation of three arsenolipids found in canned cod liver from which they were extracted and purified by solid phase extraction (SPE) using a silica gel column and ethyl acetate/methanol as eluent. Analytical studies were conducted by means of gas chromatography coupled with ICP-MS, MIP-AES and EI-qMS and by TOF-MS. The results obtained by GC-ICP-MS and GC-MIP-AES showed the existence of numerous arsenic compounds in the SPE fractions collected. Three major peaks were found within a retention time window between 10 and 25 min. The presence of arsenic compounds in the fish tissue could be confirmed using GC-EI-qMS analysis. Corresponding information of the molecular weights of the major arsenic species were provided by TOF-MS which allows highly accurate mass determinations. The results showed the presence of the arsenic-containing hydrocarbons with the following molecular formulas: C17H37AsO (calculated for [M+H]+ 333.2133; found 333.2136; ?m = 0.90 ppm); C19H41AsO (calculated for [M+H]+ 361.2446; found 361.2446; ?m = 0.00 ppm); C23H37AsO (calculated for [M+H]+ 405.2133; found 405.2145; ?m = 2.96 ppm). Suggestions for the corresponding structures are discussed.
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Arroyo-Abad, U., Mattusch, J., Mothes, S., Möder, M., Wennrich, R., Elizalde-González, M.P., Matysik, F.-M. (2010):
Detection of arsenic-containing hydrocarbons in canned cod liver tissue
Talanta 82 (1), 38 - 43 10.1016/j.talanta.2010.03.054