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Titel (primär) Step-scan FT-NIR Raman spectroscopy
Autor Salzer, R.; Sümmchen, L.; Roland, U.; Born, R.;
Journal / Serie Spectroscopy Europe
Erscheinungsjahr 1998
Department TUCHEM; SAN;
Band/Volume 10
Heft 2
Seite von 8
Seite bis 12
Sprache englisch;
Abstract Sample rotation was assumed to be not applicable in FT-NIR Raman spectroscopy. It usually leads to a double modulation of the detector signal and, therefore, to distortions of the Raman spectra. It could shown, that the step-scan technique allows to overcome the problem of double modulation and enables the measurement of thermally sensitive samples. This method also provides a very convenient tool for the determination of the concentration profiles, surface impurities and of the surface roughness of the rotating samples.
ID 8968
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Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Born, R. (1998):
Step-scan FT-NIR Raman spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Europe 10 (2), 8 - 12