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Titel (primär) Ecosystem oceanography for global change in fisheries
Autor Cury, P.M.; Shin, Y.-J.; Planque, B.; Durant, J.M.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Kramer-Schadt, S.; Stenseth, N.C.; Travers, M.; Grimm, V.;
Journal / Serie Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
Department OESA;
Band/Volume 23
Heft 6
Sprache englisch;
Abstract Overexploitation and climate change are increasingly causing unanticipated changes in marine ecosystems, such as higher variability in fish recruitment and shifts in species dominance. An ecosystem-based approach to fisheries attempts to address these effects by integrating populations, food webs and fish habitats at different scales. Ecosystem models represent indispensable tools to achieve this objective. However, a balanced research strategy is needed to avoid overly complex models. Ecosystem oceanography represents such a balanced strategy that relates ecosystem components and their interactions to climate change and exploitation. It aims at developing realistic and robust models at different levels of organisation and addressing specific questions in a global change context while systematically exploring the ever-increasing amount of biological and environmental data.
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Cury, P.M., Shin, Y.-J., Planque, B., Durant, J.M., Fromentin, J.-M., Kramer-Schadt, S., Stenseth, N.C., Travers, M., Grimm, V. (2008):
Ecosystem oceanography for global change in fisheries
Trends Ecol. Evol. 23 (6), 338 - 346