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Titel (primär) Supporting nature conservation in urban landscapes: an interdisciplinary approach
Autor Ring, I.; Frank, K. ORCID logo ; Kneer, G.
Quelle Open House International
Erscheinungsjahr 1999
Band/Volume 24
Seite von 26
Seite bis 32
Sprache englisch
Keywords Nature conservation policy, Habitat networks, Urban environmental policy; Economic incentives, Implementation
Abstract The aim of this article is to contribute to the development of instruments in nature conservation policy. Our approach uses strategies for establishing 'habitat networks' as an example to develop incentives for nature conservation in urban landscapes. The ecological analysis of strategies for species protection leads to management recommendations as a basis for the specification of environmental policy goals. Based on ecological knowledge, which shows where to invest scarce resources, the economic perspective aims at analysing and evaluating environmental policy instruments for their suitability and efficiency. For this purpose, a survey was carried out on the use of environmental policy instruments in German cities. The ecological and economic research is to be combined with a sociological approach, which investigates the choice and application of environmental policy measures as a system of social action.
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Ring, I., Frank, K., Kneer, G. (1999):
Supporting nature conservation in urban landscapes: an interdisciplinary approach
Open House Int. 24 , 26 - 32