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DOI 10.1016/S0048-9697(99)00300-9
Titel (primär) Surfactant separation as a technique for physical and chemical characterization of ore processing residues
Autor Prud'homme, F.; Morency, M.; Freyer, K.; Weiß, H. ORCID logo ; Bourne, J.; Daus, B.; Fontaine, D.; Mattusch, J.; Mineau, R.; Preda, M.; Treutler, H.-C.; Wennrich, R.
Quelle Science of the Total Environment
Erscheinungsjahr 1999
Department ANA; GWS; PB IBFL
Band/Volume 243/244
Seite von 9
Seite bis 20
Sprache englisch
Keywords X-ray-diffraction; extraction; sorption; radium; metals; soils

When characterizing multi-phase materials, several authors have recommended separating the material into various fractions consisting of a reduced number of minerals. However, the common separation techniques are of limited value when treating ultra-fine-grained materials. We present in this paper a separation technique using tensio-active solutions which break up any particle agglomerates which may be present and facilitates sedimentation of component particles according to grain size. These fractions have a distinctive mineralogy and chemistry. The technique has been applied to two selected samples from two mining residue sites in Germany. Results from Bielatal, a tin residue, show that a large proportion of the arsenic and heavy metals are concentrated in a suspension fraction, which consists of clay minerals and amorphous iron oxyhydroxides. Silicates such as a micas and feldspar settle out quite rapidly, whereas, other minerals, such as hematite take longer. In the case of Dankritz, a uranium mine waste, the same technique was applied and similar results were obtained for the heavy metals distribution. Additional study indicated that radium is with barite and other radio-isotopes were associated with the fine suspension fraction.

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Prud'homme, F., Morency, M., Freyer, K., Weiß, H., Bourne, J., Daus, B., Fontaine, D., Mattusch, J., Mineau, R., Preda, M., Treutler, H.-C., Wennrich, R. (1999):
Surfactant separation as a technique for physical and chemical characterization of ore processing residues
Sci. Total Environ. 243/244 , 9 - 20 10.1016/S0048-9697(99)00300-9