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Titel (primär) Untersuchungen zur Wirkung anthropogener Gewässerbelastungen auf die Entwicklung von Bachforellen (Salmo trutta fario L.)
Titel (sekundär) Ökotoxikologie: Ökosystemare Ansätze und Methoden
Autor Luckenbach, T.; Triebskorn, R.; Müller, E.; Oberemm, A.
Herausgeber Oehlmann, J.; Markert, B.
Erscheinungsjahr 1999
Department CLE
Seite von 399
Seite bis 407
Sprache deutsch
UFZ Bestand Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00159579, 615.9 Oek 00-1897
Halle, Bibliothek, 00320603, CH 65 Oek 01-0134
Magdeburg, Bibliothek, 00403511, Ch 52 00-1823

The presented embryo studies are an integrated pan of the combined ecotoxicological project Valimar. It is the aim of Valimar to validate biomarker responses with respect to their relevance for fish populations and to assess their value to indicate small stream pollution. The test streams are the Krähenbach (less polluted) and the Körsch (complexly polluted) close to Stuttgart, Southern Germany.

For the present study, embryo tests were carried out under semi-field conditions at the two test streams. A control was kept in the laboratory. A previously performed embryo test with water and sediment extracts from the test streams conducted under semi-static conditions in the laboratory had already shown a higher embryo toxicity of the water of the Körsch when compared to the water of the Krähenbach. The results obtained under more realistic conditions in the semi-field were similar: Compared to the control in the laboratory, the mortality was increased and the development was retarded in embryos kept at the Körsch river. The development of embryos kept at the Krähenbach river, which were severely infested by Costia, an ectoparasite, did not show any difference in development when compared to the control. Chemical analyses of water of the Krähenbach and the Körsch revealed concentrations of ammonia and nitrite in the Körsch and of PAH in both streams to be at sublethal but probably embryotoxical levels.

The results of the embryo rests are comparable to those obtained by biomarker studies performed with juvenile trout in the Valimar project. Most of the biomarker responses also show increased stress of juvenile brown trout exposed to water of the Körsch.

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Luckenbach, T., Triebskorn, R., Müller, E., Oberemm, A. (1999):
Untersuchungen zur Wirkung anthropogener Gewässerbelastungen auf die Entwicklung von Bachforellen (Salmo trutta fario L.)
In: Oehlmann, J., Markert, B. (Hrsg.)
Ökotoxikologie: Ökosystemare Ansätze und Methoden
ecomed, Landsberg am Lech, S. 399 - 407