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Titel (primär) Grundwasserdynamik und -beschaffenheit der Elbauen im Biosphärenreservat Mittlere Elbe
Autor Böhnke, R.; Geyer, S.;
Journal / Serie Leipziger Geowissenschaften
Erscheinungsjahr 1999
Department HDG;
Band/Volume 11
Sprache deutsch;
Keywords hydrology, hydrogeology, Water budget, water character, groundwater, floodplain, groundwater regtme, flood, river valley, Pleistocene, glacial period, ecological system
UFZ Bestand Z, Leipzig - Bibliothek, Magazin, 1.1996 - 14.2002

As part of an interdisciplinary project, two floodplain areas in the middle section of the river Elbe are being examined in hydrological as well as hydrogeological respect. This section has remained relatively natural, even though the floodplains of the German part of the Elbe are generally regulated by dikes to a great extent. The region to be examined is situated in a dry and warm area of the river valley between Wittenberg and Magdeburg and is characterized in its western part by continental precipitation distribution (500 mm annual average). The origins of the landscape go back to the Pleistocene, in particular to the Saalian and Weichselian glacial periods. The water balance of the floodplain fluctuates between flooding and desiccation according to season. The water exchange between river and groundwater is high, so that groundwater level and gradient depend on the river stage. There is a general hydraulic gradient from the higher areas at the margin of the valley towards the floodplains. The groundwater in the area is hard water, and is characterized by high content of iron, manganese and sulphate. Therefore, it mostly falls into the Ca-Mg-S04-(HCO3)-category. No increased heavy-metals content could be observed in either groundwater, surface water or seepage water.

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Böhnke, R., Geyer, S. (1999):
Grundwasserdynamik und -beschaffenheit der Elbauen im Biosphärenreservat Mittlere Elbe
Leipziger Geowissenschaften 11 , 145 - 152