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DOI 10.1016/S0269-7491(99)00205-5
Titel (primär) Tracing the transformation of labelled [1-13C]phenanthrene in a soil bioreactor
Autor Richnow, H.H.; Annweiler, E.; Koning, M.; Lüth, J.C.; Stegmann, R.; Garms, C.; Franke, W.; Michaelis, W.
Journal / Serie Environmental Pollution
Erscheinungsjahr 2000
Department ISOBIO
Band/Volume 108
Heft 1
Seite von 91
Seite bis 101
Sprache englisch
Keywords transformation; 13C-label; phenanthrene; soil bioreactor

[1-13C]-labelled phenanthrene was incubated in a closed bioreactor to study the flux and biotransformation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) in contaminated soils on a bulk and molecular level. The degradation of extractable phenanthrene was observed by GC–MS measurements and the mineralisation was monitored by 13CO2 production. The transformation of the 13C-label into non-extractable soil-bound residues was determined by carbon isotopic measurements. With these data we were able to calculate a carbon budget of the 13C-label. Moreover, the chemical structure of non-extractable bound residues was characterised by applying selective chemical degradation reactions to cleave xenobiotic subunits from the macromolecular organic soil matrix. The obtained low molecular weight products yielded 13C-labelled compounds which were identified using IRM (isotope ratio monitoring)–GC–MS and structurally characterised with GC–MS. Most of the 13C-labelled products obtained by chemical degradation of non-extractable bound residues are well-known metabolites of phenanthrene. Thus, metabolites of [1-13C]phenanthrene formed during biodegradation appear to be reactive components which are subsequently involved in the bound residue formation. Hydrolysable amino acids of the soil residues were significantly labelled with 13C as confirmed by IRM–GC–MS measurements. Therefore, phenanthrene-derived carbon was transformed by anabolic microbial processes into typical biologically derived compounds. These substances are likely to be incorporated into humic-like material after cell death.

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Richnow, H.H., Annweiler, E., Koning, M., Lüth, J.C., Stegmann, R., Garms, C., Franke, W., Michaelis, W. (2000):
Tracing the transformation of labelled [1-13C]phenanthrene in a soil bioreactor
Environ. Pollut. 108 (1), 91 - 101