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Titel (primär) Redox and pH conditions in the water column and in the sediments of an acid mining lake
Autor Bachmann, T.M.; Friese, K.; Zachmann, D.W.
Journal / Serie Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Erscheinungsjahr 2001
Department SEEFO; GM
Band/Volume 73
Heft 2
Seite von 75
Seite bis 86
Sprache englisch
Keywords acid mining lake — acid mine drainage; lakes; redox potential — Eh; pH; grain size fractions — grain size; lake sediments; lake stratification — stratification; lakes; iron oxides–hydroxides — iron oxides; iron hydroxides

Physico-chemical parameters of the acidic mining lake (ML) 111 in the Lusatian region (Germany) were determined in April and August 1997 using a multiparameter probe for the water column and punch-in pH and Eh electrodes for the sediment, respectively. Samples of the sediment profile were taken by a gravity corer. Besides determination of the physico-chemical parameters, grain size and water contents were determined after sediment slicing.

Differences in the redox state of the water body, deduced from oxygen saturation between April and August, could not be inferred. However, a shift in pH to lower values was apparent. Data support the conclusion that the enhanced oxygen content was consumed for oxidation of ferrous iron to ferric iron (oxides/hydroxides) coupled with the release of protons.

In the sediment, different buffer systems of iron compounds could be detected within separate zones with values below and above pH 3. At higher pH values, the redox conditions are controlled and stabilized by the presence of Fe-oxide-hydroxides and possibly Fe-sulfates.

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Bachmann, T.M., Friese, K., Zachmann, D.W. (2001):
Redox and pH conditions in the water column and in the sediments of an acid mining lake
J. Geochem. Explor. 73 (2), 75 - 86