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Titel (primär) Humus dynamics in Loess Chernozem
Autor Körschens, M.; Schulz, E.; Titova, N.A.;
Journal / Serie Eurasian Soil Science
Erscheinungsjahr 2002
Department BOOEK; BOFO;
Band/Volume 35
Heft 5
Sprache englisch;

The results of twenty-year-long field, model, and pot experiments performed in Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Sweden testify that at least two fractions of soil organic matter (SOM) should be taken into consideration for the assessment of changes in SOM. The first is the inert part of SOM that depends on the clay content. The second is the transformed fraction that is influenced by soil management systems. The observed changes in the transformed fraction content are very slow and do not exceed 500 kg Corg/ha and 40 kg Ntot/ha per year even upon sudden changes in the fertilization system. The ecologically optimum amounts of the transformed SOM in chernozem are given for traditional cropping systems in Central Germany.

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Körschens, M., Schulz, E., Titova, N.A. (2002):
Humus dynamics in Loess Chernozem
Eurasian Soil Sci. 35 (5), 533 - 538