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Titel (primär) Cytotoxic effects of arsenic species
Autor Schmidt, A.-C.; Mattusch, J.; Reisser, W.; Jung, K.; Kristen, U.
Journal / Serie Journal of Applied Botany - Angewandte Botanik
Erscheinungsjahr 2003
Department OEC; ANA; COE
Band/Volume 77
Heft 1-2
Seite von 17
Seite bis 20
Sprache englisch

For the study of cytotoxic effects of the arsenic species arsenite, arsenate, monomethylarsonate and dimethylarsinate the pollen tube growth test (PTG test) with pollen of Nicotiana sylvestris Spegazz & Comes was used. The inhibition concentration of the pollen tube growth to 50% (IC50) was determined and compared with LD50 values of the compounds from the literature.

With respect to the inorganic species a higher cytotoxicity was found for arsenate in the PTG test. The cytotoxic effects of the methylated arsenic species were lower in comparison to the inorganic compounds. Possible explanations of the mode of action of the arsenic species were discussed.

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Schmidt, A.-C., Mattusch, J., Reisser, W., Jung, K., Kristen, U. (2003):
Cytotoxic effects of arsenic species
J. Appl. Bot. - Angew. Bot. 77 (1-2), 17 - 20