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Titel (primär) Cometabolic degradation of chlorinated aromatic compounds
Autor Jechorek, M.; Wendlandt, K.-D.; Beck, M.;
Journal / Serie Journal of Biotechnology
Erscheinungsjahr 2003
Department UBT; UBT_alt;
Band/Volume 102
Heft 1
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Abstract The degradation of chlorobenzene was investigated with the specially chosen strain Methylocystis sp. GB 14 DSM 12955, using 23 ml headspace vials and in a soil column filled with quaternary aquifer material from a depth of 20 m. A long-term experiment was carried out in this column, situated in a mobile test unit at a contaminated location in Bitterfeld (Germany). Groundwater polluted by chlorobenzene was continuously fed through the column, through which a mixture comprising 4% CH4 and 96% air was bubbled. Chlorobenzene was oxidized by up to 80% under pure culture conditions in the model experiments and was completely degraded under the mixed culture conditions of the column experiments. Over a period of 4 months, the stability of the biological system was monitored regularly by analyzing the sMMO activity as well as by classical microbiological and molecular biological methods.
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Jechorek, M., Wendlandt, K.-D., Beck, M. (2003):
Cometabolic degradation of chlorinated aromatic compounds
J. Biotechnol. 102 (1), 93 - 98