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Titel (primär) Community dynamics within a bacterial consortium during growth on toluene under sulfate-reducing conditions
Autor Müller, S.; Vogt, C.; Laube, M.; Harms, H.; Kleinsteuber, S.;
Journal / Serie FEMS Microbiology Ecology
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department ISOBIO; UMB;
Band/Volume 70
Heft 3
Sprache englisch;
Keywords flow cytometry; community dynamics; anaerobic toluene degradation; T-RFLP; Desulfobulbaceae
Abstract A sulfate-reducing bacterial consortium was enriched from an anoxic aquifer contaminated with BTEX compounds, using toluene as a growth substrate. Total cell counts, protein contents and sulfide production were determined to follow growth at the in situ temperature (14 °C) and at 25 °C, respectively. Community members were identified by 16S rRNA gene cloning and sequencing. Phylogenetic analysis revealed 12 sequence types belonging to Deltaproteobacteria (several groups), Epsilonproteobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Spirochaetaceae and an unclassified bacterial clade. The most prominent phylotype comprising 34% of all clones was affiliated to the Desulfobulbaceae and closely related to environmental clones retrieved from hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifers. Flow-cytometric methods were applied to analyze the community dynamics and to identify key organisms involved in toluene assimilation. Flow-cytometric measurement of DNA contents and scatter behavior served to detect and quantify dominant and newly emerging clusters of subcommunities. Up to seven subcommunities, two of them dominant, were distinguished. Cell sorting was used to facilitate the analysis of conspicuous clusters for phylogenetic identity by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiling of the 16S rRNA genes. The Desulfobulbaceae phylotype accounted for up to 87% in proliferating subcommunities, indicating that it represents the key organism of toluene degradation within this complex anaerobic consortium.
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Müller, S., Vogt, C., Laube, M., Harms, H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2009):
Community dynamics within a bacterial consortium during growth on toluene under sulfate-reducing conditions
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 70 (3), 586 - 596