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DOI 10.1016/j.talanta.2003.10.053
Titel (primär) Determination of gadolinium in river water by SPE preconcentration and ICP-MS
Autor Hennebrüder, K.; Wennrich, R.; Mattusch, J.; Stärk, H.-J.; Engewald, W.
Journal / Serie Talanta
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Department ANA; SANA
Band/Volume 63
Heft 2
Seite von 309
Seite bis 316
Sprache englisch
Keywords Gd–DTPA; REE; ICP-MS; Preconcentration procedures; Solid phase extraction; River water

An analytical scheme was developed for the determination of Gd–diethylenetriaminepentaacetate (Gd–DTPA), Gd and the other rare earth elements (REE) in river water by inductively coupled plasma (quadrupole) mass spectrometry (ICP-Q-MS). The preconcentration step was essential, since the limits of detection of this multielemental analytical technique are higher than the trace concentrations of the interesting elements in river water.

Solid phase extraction (SPE) with different commercially available complexing agents (Chelex 100, Toyopearl and ethylhexylphosphates) was employed for the preconcentration of REE. The investigations revealed that complex stability (varying in dependence of the pH value) has a strong influence on the degree of the enrichment of Gd–DTPA. Based on acidified water samples (pH<3) a procedure using ethylhexylphosphates was proposed for the preconcentration of Gd and REE from surface water samples. For this purpose C18-cartridges loaded with ethylhexylphosphates were used, resulting in an enrichment factor of 40.

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Hennebrüder, K., Wennrich, R., Mattusch, J., Stärk, H.-J., Engewald, W. (2004):
Determination of gadolinium in river water by SPE preconcentration and ICP-MS
Talanta 63 (2), 309 - 316