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DOI 10.1190/1.1776739
Titel (primär) Hydro-, bio-geophysics
Autor Al Hagrey, S.A.; Meissner, R.; Werban, U. ORCID logo ; Rabbel, W.; Ismaeil, A.
Quelle The Leading Edge
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Department MET
Band/Volume 23
Heft 7
Seite von 670
Seite bis 674
Sprache englisch
Keywords hydrological techniques; water supply; soil; moisture measurement; geophysical signal processing; modelling; porosity; granular materials; dielectric function; ground penetrating radar
Abstract The global increase in demand for water, the dominant agent in all biological processes, calls for sustainable management of water catchments and better understanding of water and soluble movement. At Kiel, we have started joint studies with eight European partners in such disciplines as botany, agronomy, and hydrology (projects "WATERUSE" and "GeoModel") to develop integrated techniques to quantify water flow through the soil-plant-atmosphere-continuum that will be adequate for use in heterogeneous stands in dry regions. To develop novel integrated hydro-/biogeophysical 3D techniques with high resolution, we erected a unique, full-scale tank analog (3 m × 5 m × 2 m and named GeoModel) at the Kiel campus for controlled experiments on simulated soil models in their natural scale. It forms a bridge between scaled laboratory models (typically 1 m3) and field survey (several km3) that takes advantage of both. GeoModel is used to study the static water content and dynamic flow in soils and plants using infiltration of varying scenarios and soils of varying textural and structural properties.
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Al Hagrey, S.A., Meissner, R., Werban, U., Rabbel, W., Ismaeil, A. (2004):
Hydro-, bio-geophysics
The Leading Edge 23 (7), 670 - 674 10.1190/1.1776739