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DOI 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2004.09.045
Titel (primär) New passive samplers for chlorinated semivolatile organic pollutants in ambient air
Autor Paschke, H.; Popp, P.
Journal / Serie Chemosphere
Erscheinungsjahr 2005
Department ANA; GWS
Band/Volume 58
Heft 7
Seite von 855
Seite bis 863
Sprache englisch
Keywords Passive sampling; Air monitoring; Sampling rates; Persistent organic pollutants; Silicone elastomer; Polydimethylsiloxane
Abstract Two new types of passive samplers were designed and tested on semivolatile organic compounds. The first type (a spiral-rod sampler) consists of a low-density polyethylene membrane acting as a permeation film and a silicone elastomer as the receiving material; the second (a stir-bar sampler) has the same membrane material but a polydimethylsiloxane-coated stir bar acting as the collector phase and installed radially symmetrically in the sampler. The advantages of the new samplers are their simple design, low costs, and their easy processing via thermodesorption coupled with capillary gas chromatography and mass selective detection. In both samplers, the uptake of selected analytes was integrative over exposure periods of up to 384 h. The sampling rates calculated from a laboratory calibration study using the chlorinated semivolatiles hexachlorobenzene, hexachlorocyclohexane isomers and polychlorinated biphenyls ranged from 88.1 ml h−1 for δ-hexachlorocyclohexane to 3443 ml h−1 for 2,2′,5,5′-tetrachlorobiphenyl. A field trial at a hazardous waste dump near Bitterfeld, Germany, for up to 21 days combined with periodical determinations of air concentrations using low-volume sampling indicated that the new samplers can in principle be used in the field, although the sampling rates derived from the field results differed considerably from the laboratory findings. Nevertheless the preliminary results suggest that the new sampler types are promising for the long-term air monitoring of semivolatiles.
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Paschke, H., Popp, P. (2005):
New passive samplers for chlorinated semivolatile organic pollutants in ambient air
Chemosphere 58 (7), 855 - 863