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Titel (primär) Benzene degradation at a site amended with nitrate or chlorate
Autor Langenhoff, A.A.M.; Richnow, H.; Gerritse, J.;
Journal / Serie Bioremediation Journal
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department ISOBIO;
Band/Volume 13
Heft 4
Sprache englisch;
Keywords Anaerobic benzene degradation; chlorate reduction; field pilot; nitrate reduction; push-pull
Abstract Aromatic hydrocarbons are widespread in nature and often contribute to the pollution of soils, sediments, and groundwater. The contamination of soil with mobile aromatic compounds, generally termed BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene) is observed at many industrial sites, especially those associated with the petrochemical industry. In situ bioremediation of sites that are contaminated with BTEX can be applied both aerobically and anaerobically. The use of anaerobic in situ bioremediation is advantageous because supply of oxygen is not needed. Nevertheless, anaerobic in situ bioremediation is less commonly used for BTEX contaminated sites. This paper describes push-pull experiments in order to stimulate the degradation of benzene by the addition of nitrate or chlorate. Deuterated benzene was subjected with nitrate-amended groundwater to the aquifer, and the mineralization was traced by the enrichment of deuterium in the groundwater. Nitrate can be used as electron acceptor, and the addition of nitrate at a site in The Netherlands resulted in partial degradation of benzene. This was demonstrated by comparing various push-pull experiments, benzene concentration measurements, stable isotope analyses of benzene and water, and modeling. Chlorate can be used for the in situ production of oxygen, followed by degradation of benzene with oxygen as electron acceptor. The addition of chlorate at the site resulted in the complete removal of benzene demonstrating a complete degradation within 4 weeks. A pull phase was not needed during this run.
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Langenhoff, A.A.M., Richnow, H., Gerritse, J. (2009):
Benzene degradation at a site amended with nitrate or chlorate
Bioremediat. J. 13 (4), 180 - 187